Gain weight?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by onlinebacon, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Alright

    Im 5"10

    But I'm only 9 stone, I eat a lot, but I don't seem to put much weight on

    At the minute I'm eating a lot of oats for carbs, sugar, and protein with chicken and stuff, but I don't seem to be gaining weight.

    I've been trying for a month or so, anyone got any ideas how to put weight on?

    Looking to put a bit of fat on, just to pad out a bit, at the minute im pretty much all muscle, have 3% body fat, so I'm lean and strong, but I need to get bigger =]

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. Join up-eat truckers every day(twice if you have the morning watch)-bagette before lunch-lunch-sleep-watchkeepers scran-6 tins of red-curry ashore washed down with 2 bottles of matelots nose-8 pints guiness-messy burger-sleep completed every non duty day should do the trick.
    Worked for me :w00t:
  4. Online bacon hey buddy =]

    Didnt know you had a profile on here hehe

    Anyway to help answer your question, try and do lots of weights eating carbs before a workout, and protein after.

    Do 6-8 reps of the heaviest u can lift, without injuring yourelf obv.

    Get a membership down at our local gym (profiles) and come down wif me mate =]

    (And i apologise if your not who i fink u are... mirza? :p )

  5. Watch this space onlinebacon, I can answer your question exactly, but I cant remember exactly off the top of my head until I refer to a couple of my trusty books wich I dont have to hand at the mo.

    (will reply very soon mate)
  6. Thin? make the most of it as most people would die to be like you..
    Watch it though with this high carb/sugar diet as it could do a lot of damage in the long run as regards diabetese etc..
    In a crowded mess deck you will take up less space so that at very least should make you popular.
    Strange but it often seems to me that thin, rather than muscular people, seem to have much more energy and indeed strength.
    Muscles to excess look fine when you are young, to some but not all people by any means, but have you seen someone thirty years on?
    You are what you are and seem according to you to be perfectly healthy.
  7. onlinebacon, I am assuming you're under 21? Treasure these years where you can pig out and not regret it. It will all change at about 23 years old..then you will have to run a marathon a day to obtain 3% body fat.

    If you want some advice on putting on weight..

    1, Do 20 mins of cardio a day at the most. So push hard if need be.

    2, Lift very heavy weights, all body parts once a week spread out (except for abs, which you can do whenever they aren't sore).

    3, EAT ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING whenever you can, your particular metabolism is so strong at the moment it won't care about protein/carb/fat proportions. If you follow any sort of diet regime, you won't see the product of your efforts I'm afraid.
  8. Do not generalise....I am 56 and I struggle to put on weight, 6'-1'' and currently 11st 4lb, even when drinking heavily ( and I do mean HEAVILY ) for more years than I care to remember I was always a steady 12st 2lb .

  9. Asinine point. This young man has 3% bodyfat, probably consumes oats and chickens like they were going out of fashion and weighs 9 stone.
    What advice would you give someone whom may not have stopped growing yet and whom probably has a cast iron metabolism at the moment?

    I appreciate your body may have a special ability to fight fat which has held you in good stead over the years - yet i can't argue it unless there is more information such as diet/lifestyle/muscularity/your weight before 21-23 years of age? If he does lift heavy weights, perhaps the increased muscle mass will do for the threadstarter what alcohol did not result in for you.

    If he learns to eat plenty now, any drop-off in metabolism when he hits 23 will only benefit him when he still has that appetite.
  10. Tailz mate :D

    Yeahhh you know its me :p

    Thanks for the help ladsss, guinness sounds good =D

    Lets see what else people say =D
  11. Eat your normal meals and in addition have a weight watchers shake after every meal. I know a few rugby players who swear by this for putting weight on.
  12. Guinness is working for me :thumright: I still want to put more weight on though
  13. I can recommend a post beer snack of double pizza (one for the taxi, one for the mess) as a highly effective way to gain weight. This method, coupled with normal eating and a night out on the lash, means you can easily consume 3 days calories in a day.

  14. Hi online Bacon
    (before we start mate; please dont become like all the other daft sods I encounter every day and start obsessing about body image. Sussex has a good point) - anyway, here goes.....

    I may be stating the obvoius but there's two ways to gain weight, either lean mass or fat mass. Both will register as weight gain on the scales, but I imagine you'd pefer lean mass. The best way to achieve this is with resistance training accompanied with the right diet. You should be lifting weights strictly for 6-10 reps per set (to failure) for the best gains in size. If you can continue to lift beyond ten reps (or 12 max), your size gains will be less, but your muscle endurance will improve. You should also concentrate on compound exercises (the exercises that utilise more than one joint / muscle group to perform) i.e. bench press, squats, and lat pull downs etc, as these work the largest muscle groups along with the synergists and have a powerful anabolic effect on the whole body and central nervous system. Aim for 4-12 sets per muscle group, reaching failure before ten reps.
    How much lean weight you achieve depends on three main factors.
    1. genetics
    2. body type
    3. hormonal balance
    From the looks of things, you sound like an ectomorphic body type i.e naturally slim with long lean limbs, narrow shoulders and hips. You'll find it harder to gain muscle size because you body contains more of the slow twitch (type 1 red fibres) wich are more suited to endurance rather than strength sports.
    However, to gain lean weight you need to be in a positive energy balance (eating more than your body needs for maintenance). This cant be stressed enough, and these calories also need to come from a balanced ratio of carbs , protein and fat.

    (firstly, calculate your maintanance calories per day)

    STEP 1: Calculate your RMR (note this is not your BMR)
    10-18 yrs (body weight in kg x 17.5) + 651
    18-30 yrs (body weight in kg x 15.3) + 679
    31-60 yrs (body weight in kg x 11.6) + 879

    STEP 2: Calculate your daily energy expenditure
    (multiply yor RMR by either.....)
    a) RMR x 1.4 (if your mostly sedentary during the day)
    b) RMR x 1.7 (if your regularly brisk walking during the day)
    c) RMR x 2 (if your extremely active during the day)

    STEP 3: Calculate the number of calories expended during exercise.
    (it's best to calculate how many in a week and divide this amount by 7)

    Example for a 57 kg 21 year old man who works in an office, and exercises 500 cals a day:

    RMR = (57 x 15.3) + 679 = 1550

    1550 x 1.4 = 2170

    2170 + 500 = 2670 (calories needed a day to maintain current weight)

    (secondly, add 20% to your maintenance cals)

    eg: 2670 x 1.2 = 3204 (calories you should be eating to gain lean weight)

    Once you work out how many cals you should eat each day, you now need to have the correct ratio of micro nutrients.
    A very safe bet, (according to thousands of studies) is to have at least 60% carbo hydrate, 2g of protein per kg of body weight, and the rest should be fat.
    (You'll probably find that this equates to approximately 60% carbs, 15-25% protein, and 15-25% fat. However, dont stray from at least 60% carbo hydrate because this will lead to muscle loss)

    3204cals x 0.6 = 1922cals (divided by 4 = 481grams of carbs) 60%
    57kg x 2 = 114grams of protein (multiplied by 4 = 456cals) roughly 14%

    826 calories remain (divided by 9 = 92grams of fat) roughly 26%

    Hope this helps!

    I wonder if you will bother to follow this advice; most people cant be bothered to and just resort to injecting steroids.

  15. Whoah mate, that was one of the most helpful responses I've ever had :D

    Thanks, and trust me I will use the advice you gave me

    I found that, to put on weight I'll need to have around 4600 calories a day, which is quite a lot but manageable

    I have some fine Scottish oats, which are a good source of carbs to have in a milkshake, have about 1-1.5 litres of that a day, with a good 300 grams of it per litre, which is pretty good. Normally have 4 or 5 bits of weetabix for breakfast, a sandwich and some chocolate or a cake at lunch, then come home, have a pastie or something, then a big dinner

    Guess I'll have to bump the scottish oats up a tad :p

    Although thanks mate :D

    I'm not looking to get huge, just put a bit of weight on, so I can be a tad bigger. In my eyes Bruce lee is pretty much the kind of thing I want to aim for, he was only around a stone heavier than me, and a inch shorter, so as long as I turn the muscle i gain into muscle i should be alright :)

    Thanks again :D

    Edited for mong spelling
  16. No prob online bacon
  17. A couple of other points I should of made earlier, and something you may also be wondering about are how much lean weight you can expect to gain in a particular amount of time, and meal timings.

    You should note that following the training and diet regime I've already mentioned, you will probably get a large gain initially, after that, dont expect to gain more than 0.5-1kg of lean weight a month. Much more than this will probably be gains in body fat.
    Additionally, you want to replenish muscle glycogen storage as soon as possible, or within 2 hours of training because low muscle glycogen results in muscle loss. You'll need 1g of carbs for every kg of body weight within 2 hrs post training.
    It's a good idea to get a little protein mixed with it too.

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