Gail Emms

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Tall_bloke, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. The badminton player. Is the FOXIEST olympian this country has sent over to China or what!? Your thoughts and comments please...................
  2. you might want to stick a picture up for males members of the group not familiar with her
  3. She's stinking, and you have no standards. All our olympians are pigs. FACT. Although at a push I would do some damage to Victoria Pendleton, Kelly Sotherton and the windsurfer, Bryony whatserthingy. Now Alisson Stokke the Spam Pole vaulter, she's fit.

    dirty, Dirty, DIRTY!!!
  5. Bit bland for my taste, Pendleton on the other hand...
  6. Emms = Rat Rats RATS.

    Type Alisson Stokke into google and prepare to punch the clown.

    Edited because I can't get my fcuking links to work.
  7. Just googled Alisson Stokke, mate. 5 minutes later woke up in a pool of my own dribble, with my face slumped over the keyboard, and the computer going beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

    F**K ME!!! I am a born again fan of womens pole vaulting!
  8. Victoria Pendleton: Name far too long and complicated to start screaming out during the throes of passion - but probably a very high score in scrabble, PLUS she has a face like a dropped trifle

    Kelly Sotherton: Not bad, but a tad butch? Looks like she could beat the living bejezus out of you just for bringing back the wrong type of milk from ALDI.
  9. I would despite the fact she can eat an orange through a tennis racket
  10. Did you see George Dubya at the weekend gropi....,sorry, greeting the USA Beach Volleyball Team?

    Sure put an overdressed Gail Emms to shame.
  11. The Dutch hockey team have some stunners. There's also a Russian Pole Vault bewer worth a wipe so I'm looking forward to that. We have already decided here at work that team GB are without doubt the ratsest team there. Unfortunate.

    Am I the only one purely watching the Olympics because I'm a horrible perv?
  12. I'm just watching the women's weightlifting, and I'm pretty certain the Korean team are fielding some of the most hideous biffers ever.
    Women's diving is always good for a letch, as is the swimming. Basically anything that involves water.
  13. Aye, one of our synchronised swimmers is quite fit, not sure she's legal though........

  14. Even us horrible pervs of the lumpy jumper varity struggle to get any work done when the male swimming events come on
  15. Katy Livingston from Modern Pentathlon aint too bad either. Any woman who can swordfight, ride a horse and shoot is Ok with me. Must be like being sh*gged by Errol Flynn!
  16. I would destroy her! Came over all funny watching the Badminton... I bet she goes like a belt fed wombat!

  17. There is something about the British girls that floats my boat at the Olympics.

    They all seem to be fairly posh, blond with big teeth and are not 'stunning' in a conventional way.

    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they are happy and not chewing on deep fried Mars Bars like most of the girls I go out with (I don't want to got out with someone too similar to myself).

    I had a 'soft' spot for Kelly Holmes and the heptathelite (?) Denise 'six pack' something or other from past Olympics. So you can add Brit dusky maidens to my perving list as well.
  18. Saw Gail Emms on that "Superstars" tv prog a couple of years ago. They filmed it in Spain or somewhere. She was fit and dirty then, and she's still fit and dirty now! You can tell by the way she shakes her fist when she wins a point. Dirty. Pure dirt.

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