Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by RabC, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. Is this really free speech at work?
    Why can't the armed forces tell the truth about what is going on?
  2. This is not so much about putting a gag on service personnel, but stopping journos replete with hidden (or not-so-hidden) agendas from making it appear that every serviceman or woman shares a common wish for who should form the next government. The 'Fourth Estaite' has far too much influence on the way things are done in our country, with no accountability or mandate, and anything that prevents them from manipulating the idiots who end up being the decisive voters is, in my book, a good thing.
  3. Believe what you want Joe, but I very much doubt this is the case, Liebour do not want any (more!) embarasing stories coming out of the military in the run up to the election.
  4. MikH Those were my thoughts exactly which is why I posted it in the first place. Cyclops is taking a hammering form bad publicity from all ranks/rates and doesn't want the electorate hearing any more.
  5. I'm sure you are correct, Mick, when you say that Brown does not want to be hit by more embarrassing stories. That does not alter the fact that certain parts of the Press will take what they find and manipulate it to show Labour in a bad light, regardless of the truth.

    Rab, he may be reportedly taking a hammering from all ranks and rates, but that does not mean that those are the views of everyone, or that Cameron would be received any better, were he to be in power. Do not forget Jack's (and, by extension, Percy's) inalienable right to drip.
  6. I accept you have a point about certain parts of the press who will put an anti Brown slant on any story, equally there are parts of the press that will spin the story the other way, but when all is said and done, the UK press are being blocked from reporting from front line Afghanistan and the foreign press is not, senior officers will be prohibited from talking to reporters, the troops opinion on the war will be removed from all Mod web sites '
    I cannot see this in any other light than liebour instigating damage limitation and giving themselves the chance to put their own spin on the siuation
  7. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Its called being in purdah - once elections begin, then you'll see a huge halt in a lot of stuff because the parties will complain if they think its being used against them. Its only happened in every single election we've ever done in recent memory, so I wouldnt worry too much...
  8. ^^^^^ what twiglet said :wink:
  9. Purdah, taken to the extreme twiglet, this has nothing to do with government departments releasing information that may put a positive slant on the election for the current government, which is the reason behind purdah. This is about labour restricting the UK press from doing its job in case it reflects badly on them. You can bet if the news coming out of Afghanistan was in broons favour the restrictions would not be imposed!
  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    As the Purdah terms are decided on by the civil service, and not the Government, I doubt that very much Mikh.
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Purdah is about postponing new policy or policy change during the pre-election period which might be contradictory to the policy of a new government, it's about saving tax payers money not saving the blushes of political parties!

    I'm just reading a document about how my own department's work will be curtailed in this period and I also note it applies to public service broadcasting and what we can tell the press about current projects as well as a restriction on starting any new projects linked to government policy. My interpretation of this (and I've read the document twice now to be sure)contains no mention of gagging the press as the article suggests, it might however cover such things as releasing information on new procurement policy or programmes or holding back press releases re certain products and services linked to government, I suspect the article is subject to a little bit of "journalistics license" ie sensationalising.
  12. thanks for that chieftiff, and I hope you are right about the "journalistic license", But I will not hold my breath on it.

    Twiglet, the policy might very well be implemented by the Civil Service, but as we have seen on occasions, the civil service is in some areas prone to bow to pressure from above. As the current war in Afghanistan is not a new policy, and policy is unlikely to be changed by the current government it should therefore not fall under any terms of the Purdah, so IMHO they are attempting to block anything that might cause them discomfort in the run up to the election coming out of the sandpit.
  13. What we need to hear in detail are Cameron's plans for Afghanistan, or will he do the same as previous incumbents (should he win) and follow orders from the White House?

    As for gagging our lads and lasses they will have a job on their hands.
  14. I think if Cameron knew the public mood he'd give the White House 6 months notice of a withdrawl of all UK troops.
    With all the technology available to our lads and lasses, modern communication will ensure that they are not gagged.
    BTW I don't think Cameron knows the public mood.
  15. I think it's fair to say that there are those who would make it their business to identify any service personnel who sidestep any orders not to communicate certain sensitive information, if you catch my drift.
  16. They are there in our name whether we like it or not, therefore keeping us, the public informed and not putting our Armed Forces at risk is not what I would call sensitive information more the right to know.

    If this is true it will merely demonstrate what a weak insecure rabble we have at the helm and contrary to what they think pulling down the blinds will not do them any favours.
  17. Who's talking about sensitive info......
    Mobile phones.... laptop forums such as these.... people 'back home' will get the message/general drift.... of the mood out there... no one will stop that.
    There, I've used the word 'drift'
  18. IMHO, it's a jolly good thing that the Press will be prevented from "embedding". They are a liability at the best of times and embedding should cease, forthwith!
  19. I have to disagree there, Michael Yon's dispatches were nothing short of excellent. And he was extremely well received by all those he was embedded with.
  20. They are even more of a liability when left to wander independently around bandit country, getting themselves captured in the process, and then incur further risk to military lives, and possibly others, during subsequent search and rescue ops - their 'right' as UK/Allied national passport-holders, e.g. British soldier killed during rescue of kidnapped journalist in Afghanistan

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