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G8 Political Directors’ statement on Mali


War Hero
Ministry of Defence said:
G8 Political Directors met in London today to prepare the agenda for the meeting of G8 Foreign Ministers in April. The meeting was attended by senior foreign policy officials from G8 capitals and included a discussion of the situation in Mali.
The political directors agreed the following statement on Mali.
The G8 Political Directors met and expressed their grave concern over the situation in Mali and its regional consequences. They noted that it is essential to halt the offensive by terrorist groups towards southern Mali, to prevent the collapse of the Malian state, and to accelerate the implementation of United Nations (UN) Security Council resolutions in all their dimensions: political, security and humanitarian.
In this context, the G8 welcomes the French military action at the request of the Malian president, and the support provided by other states. G8 countries call for the rapid implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2085, especially the immediate deployment to Mali of the African-led International Support Mission (AFISMA). The G8 affirms its support for the Malian government, which must continue its efforts to implement the political transition process. We support the efforts undertaken by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union, European Union and UN to bring an end to this crisis.
[h=4]Further information[/h] Read the Foreign Office travel advice on Mali
Read Minister Simmonds’ statement to Parliament on Mali
UN Security Council resolution 2085 on Mali
More information on the UK’s G8 Presidency

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