G Spot Mast manning

I love the way they talk, a bygone age.
Wish all trainees did this, one of the things that really used to annoy me was when you need to go up the mast or out on the yardarm as a greenie and a surprisingly high number of lads these days say "Oh I don't do heights"???
WTF? Any matelot that can't get up a couple of ladders on a pussers warship has no business being in the RN. IMHO.


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danny said:
all i can say is im glad they dont do that at raleigh :)

Youre not wrong shippers,when i saw it on Blue Peter back in the early 70's just before Grungies was closed i nearly changed my mind about joining up! :grin: :grin: :grin:

And all he got was a silver Crown!Should have been at least £500!