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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by writerken, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. Playing around on YouTube yesterday and found a G-spot clip.

    It's opening comments include 'it was staffed by some of the most sadistic Petty Officers to be found in the RN'. Surely not. They were all kind and cuddly, weren't they?

  2. It appears we have an ex-Instructor on RR Ken... :roll: I'm keeping me head down just in case he's not friendly! :wink:
  3. I recognise the commentator's voice. Chap called Roland Smith, served at the end of WWII as a HO sparker, emigrated to Canada in 1952, where he picked up his accent, later California where he worked as an electronic technician on the Apollo project. Returned to UK with US Dept of Defense and worked at Fylingdales in North Yorkshire. Met and married a Scottish girl and settled back in UK. I used to work with his wife Margaret.
    He produced a series of videos "Naval Video Time Capsules" of archive film from the Imperial War Museum, all WWII stuff in COLOUR which had never been published and was rotting away in the basement somewhere.
    Unfortunately he died a couple of years ago before his series of videos was completed. I have a set of them - really good stuff.

  4. can anyone remember the 4ft gimp of a GI at g spot 1975 ish right twat !
  5. God that bought back some memories. Must look some more and deeper on YT.

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