Future Ship names


Lantern Swinger
I know we're not turning out hulls at a great rate of knots and they are few and far between however; I was wondering if there was a public list of new ship names for those to come into service. And if so, how far into the future does it go?

My curiosity is driven by wondering if there is going to be another Devonshire any time this millennium. She would be 9th of the line and I hope if it happens, she isn't a ferry or a tugboat!

As an aside, www.royalnavymemories.com is dedicated to Devonshire and Leopard.

I'm just surprised they still use 'HMS', I'd have thought some lefty hippie f*ck wit would have succesfully petitioned our weak as piss government to change it something less gender specific, wealth orientated and, well, soft. Something that encapsulates the new multi-cultural, multi-racial, Britiainistan country that we are permitted to live in by our more powerful Muslim neighbours.

Perhaps, Allahs Destroyer?

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