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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Good_CO, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Strange though it may seem, we've just bought a private island in the virtual world of Second Life - "RnR Island", joining the likes of Toyota, the BBC, CNN, Reuters, Sun Microsystems and a million and a half people in this wierd view of the future (?). See:





    The idea is to start with a virtual Rum Ration Diamond Lil's and ARRSE NAAFI Bar, and see where it all leads.

    If you're thinking we're mad / WTF are you talking about, don't worry. If you're interested in the potential of this, have time, some IT / design skill and want to get involved, we need volunteer builders to start building and decorating the respective bars and then on from there.

    [email protected] if interested!

    This shows how it's done: http://secondlife.com/showcase/

    As an aside ARRSE got taken away from the server that runs the Rum Ration backend this morning, so the site should have been a lot faster today for those on wide broadband at least.
  2. Second Life? I know a lad who goes in there as a fit twenty year old bird, whores and slags his way around and made a bit of real money out of it.

    There are some very strange people in second life - who would pay good money to go into a virtual sex club to watch cartoons shagging?
  3. Sounds right up Rumrats street then - crack on!!

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