Future (or lack of it) for the FAA?


A conversation at work today brought a few points which I've further researched tonight. I must stress that all of this, as far as I can tell, is pure speculation and none of it based on any hard fact or briefing that I've seen. But it is worrying all the same.


The announcement some time ago that we were to equip the RAF with an extra 21 Chinooks appears to have now been changed to just 12 airframes, with the RAF not now handing over the Merlin Mk 3 to CHF, yet the Sea King's are still going, where does this leave CHF? Furthermore, if CHF goes, the FAA will consist of a few Lynx and even less Merlin's, not looking too good.

Like I say, from what I can see this is all pure speculation and it upsets me greatly to see each service turning on the others like they are. Just thought I would share it with you guys and girls.


Thanks mate,

I know what it's like for buzzes etc. it just gets to me how each service appears to be turning on the others in some crazy bid to save themselves.

None of these cuts seem to make real sense when you think of our nations long term capabilities (obviously I'm not privy to the 'bigger picture'). It's almost as if, 'you've got you're carriers now stop moaning and accept it'.

ThAs an island nation, and thinking about future conflicts over things like oil, fresh water and food for example, I'm very surprised at what the navy has had to accept. But I don't feel bitter towards any of the other services and never would.

I don't want to start some sort of rant anyway so will stop there. We all know we need to cut back but, I personally anyway, think that everything has happened far too quickly and just hope that it doesnt bite us in the arse in a few years time.

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