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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by harrymaskers, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Just a thought. Given that it is uncertain the new carriers will ever be built, trident looks like it could be cut and all the ships we do have (type 45 aside) are old and knackered. Does anyone think the point is approaching when we may as well lock the dockyard gate and all go home?

    I'm thinking that if the navy gets any smaller than it is now, then we may as well just not bother.
  2. To be honest we just need a properly equipped professional coast guard ! Deal with drugs, immigration etc we don't need to try and police international waters we have not got funds or resources anymore!
  3. Not necessarily - the issue is not how big the Navy is but how suitably sized/equipped it is to meet the tasks it is expected to carry out.

    The trouble is that everyone has a different idea of what the RN could do and should do and equally there are a range of strategic issues and interpretations relating to what could happen if we DON'T do something.
  4. As the future of our Nation and our ability to defend it if required are all intertwined, I would cast my net of "facts to be found " and "Questions to be answered" even farther.
    Money or lack of it seems to be the cause of all our shortcomings.
    Why then are we still giving overseas aid to countries that are spending as much if not more than us on defence, and maintaining a Nuclear arsenal?
    During 2009 Britain gave Pakistan £106 Million for housing programs, and is projected to give another £665 million up until 2013.
    And in anticipation of the brigade for Racial equality jumping in, stow it I am neither a Bigot or a Racist, and that's a drum that's well worn nowadays.
    Spent on our Navy or other echelons of our armed forces could make big inroads to solving some of our predicaments.
  5. What is that? The voice of reason?


    They are locking people like you up these days.

  6. Come on 2DD get us a file, pretty please. :D

  7. I don't get it, how will this help you get out of the cage?
  8. Is it not the one covering Great escapes? 8O :?
  9. I'm OK now the Yanks are here to help. 8O :D :wink:

  10. always thought this was more the yanks type of thing.
  11. Good old Yanks always there to lend a hand.

  12. Er, do I know this throbber? The one wearing the Bunny on the left?

  13. You'll be pleased to know that as well as Pakistan, we also give our ring fenced development funds to the TUC. Quite how a bunch of Trade Unionists qualify for a £3.6 million in grants from the Department for International Development is beyond me!
  14. Didn't the government give a large chunk of cash to the fairtrade lot recently as well?

    Good call actually I like coffee.
  15. It is nothing short of criminal whats been done to the mob since the 60's.
    All this not a big country crap does not wash with me either. We are who we think we are and that is an island nation/people, 90% dependant on the sea for our existance. Maybe if we did not spend 2/3's as much on welfare as we do on defence it would solve some of the procurment issues re new ships/subs.
    Ever noticed how raped of stock the supermarkets get around Xmas and Easter time. Imagine the trouble we would be in if someone decided to blockade us(never say never) cos we aint got a credible Navy any more.
  16. Is that singular gate on the very small dockyard a Freudian slip or a prediction :!: :cry:
  17. Take my drum to England, stand it by the shore, beat it when your powder's running low.

    If the Dons sight Devon I'll quit the port of heaven, and drum them down the channel as I drummed them long ago.

    The enemy may have guns my friend and think they know the game, but they won't beat the boys of the bulldog breed that made old England's name.

    Must stop drinking this fcuking stuff !!!!!
  18. Old Johnny Jervis must be spinning in his box, "I do not say they cannot come, I say only that they cannot come by seat". Not any more Jarvie old sock, not any more, they can under it as well
  19. Armada :?:

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