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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. There is to be a debate in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 5 May 2009 on the future of Devonport Dockyard, brought by Gary Streeter MP (1230-1300 BST).
  2. I wouldnt reckon much on that debate, policy will depend far more on whether the constituencies arround Guzz or around Faslane can do more for NuLabor. At least until the next election votes will drive this question.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    He had a short career, does he get a pension :lol:
  4. Don't know, but he's claimed a second house and food expenses since 1230-1300 was his lunch break :lol:
  6. Standby.
  7. Bye bye Guzz, it was nice knowing you. Hope the bootines don't get tired of having it all to themselves
  8. I thought the final comment was interesting.

    "When the submarines eventually move to Faslane will they take their nuclear rubbish and dumps with them?"

    My rather trite answer is of course not, Plymouth didn't take all the hulks from Rosyth when they stole the refiting work with the Tories help, so why should we take their rubbish now.

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