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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by willsonline, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. What does the future hold for Fort Blockhouse once the DMETA(HQ) and 33 Field Hospital leave for Whittington Barracks in Lichfield?

    All that will be left is the SETT, which was reviewed a few years back and proved to costly to transfer to the South-West. With Fort Blockhouse worth just over £30 million quid to MOD, will this prove to tempting to keep hold of????
  2. Maybe they will decide that dont need the SETT and opt for computer generated simulator instead. Just think of the savings!
  3. Tie Fort Blockhouse in with the Haslar site and you have one massive piece of "Real Estate" coming on to the market. If Gosport aint full now, it soon will be when "two jags" allows the vultures to move in!

    Keep Striving.
  4. Well until they build another 600 cabins at Nelson, there's only one place for the MDHU Portsmouth staff (and all the refit ship's companies they don't have space for at Nelson) to live, and that's Blockhouse.
  5. I dont see how the Navy can justify keeping the site open though, especially the waterfront facilities, none of it is actively used now.

    I think its an absolute disgrace that they are moving all Defence Medicine to Brum, Portsmouth will be virtually stipped of the Navy soon. Why waste money on co-locating to Birmingham when all the infrastrucutre is in place at Haslar.

    What a f***in hash!
  6. wait till the dockyard closes....
  7. Votes…
  8. I spent two drafts in the Fort (not subs but had fond memories of Dolphin III... :grin: , where have they based SM1 / FOSM now - or does it even exist anymore ?

    (I really must start buying the NN again)
  9. I can't think of a more prime site for an upmarket hotel and posh yachties houses
  10. With a high-rise swimming pool? Could be a trendsetter and make Olympic volume pools less land use intensive.

    Always remember that the only solution to any problem is the "brown" (colour) one.
  11. Logically, it'll be sold off and if the deals that have been done before are anything to go by, it'll be for virtually nothing. Lichfield is a ridiculous place to put Defence Medicine - it's further away from the medical output in Birmingham than Queen Alexandra Hospital is from Fort Blockhouse. Unfortunately, the deal was struck years ago to move defence functions away from anywhere that makes sense.

    There is a logical answer to all of this, of course, but the bean counters hold sway!
  12. Yes, I agree, Lichfield is over 15 miles away from RCDM, can someone tell me how they got awaywith this? Its change for change sake. The fmr head of the Army has now called for Military hospitals to be retained, bit late now though isn't it tw*t???.

    I suspect this wont be reversed as too much has been invested in this stupid idea at Birmingham.

    Ref the SETT at Blockhouse has anybody heard if this is moving? It would make sense for this to be based at Raleigh though.
  13. as far as i am aware they cant afford to move SETT. would make sense but apparently would never happen.
    What would have made reall sense taking in to consideration that eventually all subs will be at faslane, is that they built the new sub school and a new sett at faslane. but no sense as ussual.
    like has already been said they need blockhouse for the housing. they sure as hell cant fit much bore at nelson. its a bit tight as it is.

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