Future of FAA Junglies?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by stumpy, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. I remember our thread on that - they were going to be navalised:

  2. mmmm, thanks but the last post is from Feb and I am still confused whether they will be RAF or FAA squadrons? Will they move to Yeovilton, Culdrose or stay at Benson?
  3. At the moment, the plan is to slowly trickle feed Junglie pilots to Benson where the simulator is and the engineers to Westlands, then once there are enough of both a small unit will base themselves at either Benson or Yeovil in order to facilitate the eventual transferral of the new MK4 Merlin into the Junglie curcuit. Hope that is of use.
  4. redmonkey

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    Or Cameron has heard that Tim/Zoid is going Junglie and has scrapped them :wink:
  5. I was at a clear lower deck yesterday at RNAS Culdrose, I’m here on a course, and this question was posed to the Admiral. He stated that they were surprised to see that the RAF would be operating green Merlin in the future. Apparently the plan still remains for the transfer to the FAA. He alluded to it being a typo in the white paper. Let’s hope so...

    The main point that i took away from the briefing is that NCHQ AV are more concerned about the lack of carrier strike for the next ten years. Apparently they didn’t see that one coming....
  6. Read this - copied from the pprune blog
    Here is the elephant in the room........ There are now not enough spaces in cockpits for the Jungly/RAF SH community. Why? The promised 22 Chinook buy has not materialised (thanks for the pipe dream Labour Govt!). The Chinook buy of 12 is simply not enough to sustain 2 Sqns worth of Merlin pilots moving across to the green banana. The other elephant is that Puma 2 has been reduced in number (24 - ish). The future RW strategy was written with this assumption(with an RN Jungly 2* at the helm). Now that assumption has been kiboshed, CAS has simply reverted to an obvious standpoint. With 35 fully trained Mk3 RAF Merlin crews, most of whom have served in AFG this year, why should he make his own aircrew redundant just to save the RN Jungly force.....? Especially as the PM trumpeted helicopter lift as a highlight of SDSR.
    The sheer amount of money to retrain the Jungly Force (42ish crews) with the RAF essentially footing the instructional and real estate bill at Benson for the next 5 years, (in addition to training it's own to fly the banana) are simply an expense we cannot afford. The geography alone makes it a nightmare for both Services. RN have to travel to and from Benson to undertake an heavily simulator based course and living in hotels due to no accn at Benson. The RAF trying to retrain to Chinook without the airframes or enough simulator support. This in addition to making some redundancies amongst his own, make this a no brainer for CAS, hence the wording in SDSR. Given the same situation in reverse, the RN would not think twice about denying the airframes to the RAF. The bottom line is that, this is not the fault of the RAF - the circumstances have simply changed beyond the control of both Services. Sadly, I did not even see the Jungly community mentioned in the RN section of SDSR. Why? Were they sold down the river by the fishhead community to save the 2 big

  7. So, to answer the original question...civvy street???
  8. Is this seriously the situation???
  9. No i'm on Pprune, its a possible scenario highlighted by a Merlin aircrew who would say that.

    CoC - wait out, wait and see.
  10. Jeepers...

    And I'd been thinking about the RNR Air Branch as my next potential career move !

    AH Force, anyone?


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