Future of DMS (Defence Medical Service)

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sooty02, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Any views on the future of the DMS post 2020 review? Can't see how we can justify training pharmacy technicians opposed to outsourcing. Also life would be much better if we were fully tri-service in this area!

    Just speaking from experience.

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  2. Wow I like the huge response..

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  3. Tri service didn't work in Stonehouse and MrMassey worked magic with limited resources. Would have thought that after the downsizing and the idea of not ring fencing Defence... The future may lie with any local Boots chemist
  4. Seeing how half the time if I want to get my hands on medication, I have to take my prescription to the lloyds round the corner from Drake, the only pharmacists I can imagine the RN employing will be the RNR's (RN/QARNN's) at Derriford and such attached to RFA Argus in her PCRF role when activated. Then again in my own branch these days our roles are runningout in naval bases and we're finding ourselves replaced by civvies or working in RM units.
  5. I do agree however we seem to be ploughing money into training new pharmacy technicians when it'd be far cheaper to outsource. Maybe its to create a pool of dual quald MA's to man deployable units like CLR and PCRF.

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  6. Sorry sooty, I didn't realise it was mandatory to reply even though I, like I would think the majority on here, don't know enough about it to have a view.

    Erm, will you get cross if I submit a 'don't know'?
  7. Ah no poor phrasing on my behalf there, just interesting to see what peoples views are.

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  8. I always thought that an MA's/LMA's were, seeing as we issue controlled drugs to them. I think it's pretty much the same with the lab-techs and radiographers, I can't imagine there being much call for them in the fleet?
  9. Wait a minute.

    Are you telling me those three MAs that sit around ditting on in the pharmacy are actually trained for the role? What modules are on that course? Week one: Customer ignoring. Week two: Asking for help finding anything. Week three: Extending the time it takes to find something after being shown where it is by being sidetracked by the flicker of the striplight.
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  10. Ah, Monty, I can forgive your ignorance of the Medical Branch set up. Prescriptions are in the main written in Latin by the Medial Officer. Therefore you first need one of the MA's to have a working knowledge of the Language who will transcribe the information to MA no.2. MA no.2 will get the pills,potions or lotions and bottle said medicines. The bottle is then passed to MA no 3 who will lick the label and affix it to the bottle or tablet container. As you will appreciate that MA no3 has an arduous task licking the labels and therefore all MA's are trained to be bi- lingual and rotate bet ween the duties of MA1, MA2 and MA3.
    the lack of spittle being the main reason that sickbaymen always have a cup of tea to hand.
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  11. I haven't responded because I couldn't give a toss, but logically I've responded so I suppose I must give a toss.

    I don't know!
  12. The thing about pharmacy is that there are loads of rules about storing and dispensing medication which we have to go with. NCHQ has a civvy pharmacist but at the sharp end we need people in uniform with a working knowledge of how things actually work in real life. The RN doesn't have pharmacists (we borrow them from the Army) but we do have pharmacy dispensers. How things are going to go in the future is anyone's guess, and DMS20 specifically states it can be reviewed on an annual basis so change is definitely possible.
  13. We are registered Pharmacy Technicians these days, the PD branch no longer exists. I understand they want all MA's to be dispenser qualified but its a huge investment just to understand you need to keep meds under 25 degrees. I can't say I'm my career as an MA I've needed the help of a PD.

    Angrydoc, where you been in the fleet?

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  14. Not sure I understand your question. I'm not that au fait with submarines but regularly work ashore, surface and RM.
  15. They have a fridge in the Health Physics lab (broom cupboard) and a big locker full of "stuff" Fwd :)
  16. Just wondered if I've ever worked with you that's all.

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  17. What was the question? Litchfield is the best idea, consolidating currently fragmented training units into one unit providing a centre of excellence.

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