Further training possibilities?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Nesbitt, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Currently awaiting security clearance, joining as a WE (ET) on surface fleet, was wondering about further training possibilities after phase two training, anybody care to shed any light?

    Thanks in advance,

    And to the comments i can already hear being typed about incorrect use of the search function, it's impossible to search anything to do with training without being bombarded with either phase 1/2 or AACC questions.
  2. Can you expand on what you mean, Nesbitt?
  3. Sorry if i was too vague there, was referring to after phase two training is complete and im assigned to a ship, what courses would i have the opportunity to take, i'm pretty sure AACC would be out of the question due to the branch im joining, read something about a boarding course somewhere, is the studying for the foundation degree after so many years done in own time, or is the majority of it covered during phase two?
  4. Think this guy is going to have to settle for STC course
  5. Was considering STC, didn't think it'd be appropriate to mention on a public forum though..
  6. There's money towards education if you want some civilian quals, there are various service courses you can find out about after phase two as well. Just focus on that and think about everything when you're qualified.
  7. After phase 2 you'll join your ship, then after about a year or when you've finished your task book, you'll do some TEMs (Training Employment Modules) if that's what they're still called.

    Basically the ship will have a requirement for a 30mm gunner/Hobart dishwasher operator/Navigator's Yeoman/Seaboat Coxswain/909 radiation tester etc. etc. Depending on whether your DepCo (Department Coordinator) likes you or not and the needs of the ship, you will be sent on a course that either suits your career aspirations or sees you stuck in the chart house for the rest of your life updating shitty maps.

    As for volunteering or requesting to do a particular course/TEM, fill your boots, but it'll have absolutely no impact on where you go.
  8. Maybe you should be focused on passing your PRNC, Phase 1 & 2 training first..

  9. Cheers that's basically answered my question
  10. Just a point, after a conversation I had with a WE gone STC the other day, if you're capable then definitely apply for it. It's a very exciting time for the branch is all I'm gonna say.

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  11. OMM is joining as WE. I believe DSF has asked for him to be released after new entry (week 1) to join SBS Poole. PM him you could tag along with him.
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