Further down the toilet?

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.................................I am "pleased" to announce that the BBC has just obtained via the FOIA that.......DAN DAN DANNNNNNNNN................Almost THREE THOUSAND crimes were committed by the little dears that we call children in England and Wales last year who were too young to be prosecuted.

Figures show that.........
1,300 incidents of damage and arson.
60 sex offences were committed by under tens !?!?!?!?

A child under nine cannot be charged with an offence although it is recorded by the Police.
The figures are based on data from 32 of the 43 forces in England and wales.

In thirty years time I will be dead from old age (thankfully, because the way things are headed........)

That is if one of the little dears doesn't get to me first!

What a prospect for our country in years to come!
skyvet said:
Here's another great idea to make life even more hazardous for the decent law abiding citizens of the the UK. Where do these do-gooders get their ideas from?
Did you actually read the collection of essays that the article relates to? The pdf is here.

It is a collection of essays, so not a coherent report in itself, but it comes up with some interesting arguments. I'm not entirely convinced by some of the conclusions, but fwiw the BBC article isn't really a good representation of the publication.
Absolute shite

There I was taking a short cut along the railway lines and this plod grabs me hauls me off to the cop shop then later the courthouse.

I was fined ten bob for trespassing on the railways branded for life as a criminal. The old fella gave me a short course of unarmed combat as in boot up the rear for tarnishing the family name.

You will never seek employment you are now a criminal drummed into my ear lug.


One has to think of others guns make noise. Noise is a pollution as the council person told me when he came round to bollock me for building a chicken shed late at night. All work to cease at 1930hrs thats half seven in the evening FOLKS.

Yes we have to think of others!

A pick axe handle was the norm when I was a lad and it is recycable and comes from a renewable source.

We must think green at all times.

Kiss a tree hug a whale you know it makes sense!!

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