Funny Military pics

A few funny Military pics.

The ultimate run ashore rig.

Ooooooo FUCK!


Smile please.

Bootie packs his personal weapon.

New French mag

Nother french bit

Redneck Unit.

Russian "Special" Forces


When pigs fly.

New Russian AFV

All but the Kitchen Sink.

Andym, ref your top photo, run ashore rig. Many years ago at the München Oktober Fest, hotel guests were given a tag with the name and address of the hotel plus an assurance to taxi drivers that the fare for returning the drunk person would be paid. Good drills.
rosinacarley said:
JamesH said:
I am sorry, in what way is that funny? I have seen more meat on a butcher's pencil. We all had to get magnifying glasses out in the office to view it! He most certainly should not be looking quite so smug.
You wouldn't like it where the sun don't shine, dry, would you? :donut: :eek:mfg:
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