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Funny looking ear


In the process of joining the RN but I have a possibly daft question.

When I was younger I stretched my ears (I know) and when I went for my first job interview I was told I can't have them and sent on my way, so I promptly went home and tried to think of some way of healing them up so I could go to a similar interview in 2 weeks , I ended up having the smart idea to try and scratch my ears up with a dremel to make them heal up, problem is 4 years later it looks like I have coin slots from a penny arcade across my ear. Will this be a problem in anyway? I was told I can't have a piercing bigger than 2mm, even though theirs no hole there it could look like there is


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Amusing ears, noses & faces are commonplace in some branches, which particular job were you after?

As correctly advised, ear piercings must be no greater than 2mm diameter. Stretchers, flesh tunnels, permanent body piercings with iron-mongery which cannot be removed, are a bar to entry.

The general rule is if children don't look at you and spontaneously burst out crying and your careers adviser doesn't puke upon first sighting, you'll be OK.


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Just out of idle curiosity and as an 'older' member, what originally posessed you to go down the ear tunnel route? Was it peer pressure, or 'to be different' or a fashion statement?

I have seen on the TV that it is possible to have a small operation to re-shape the ear. It was on recently, fronted up by the girl that had been badly burned with acid. Embarrassing Bodies?


To be honest I wish I had an excuse to do it, think I probably just thought it was "cool" or just a teenage rebellion thing.
The reason my ears look like a wonky snatch is because that surgery costs £400+ per ear :(


I'm all for a laugh at my expense, right ones worse but no pics on the pc


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if i remember rightly there rosey red in the picture because the other half decided she would put some snake oil remedy from Boots on them, could of been battery acid for all i know.


War Hero
I'm all for a laugh at my expense, right ones worse but no pics on the pc

Them's good ears them is. I'm forwarding a photo to my Gurkha buddies out in Kathmandu.
I shit you not.
Will get back to with the highest bid - probably on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

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That's not actually as bad as I thought they'd be from your original description!

Not nearly as wonky as some .................. - no, never mind!


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The reason my ears look like a wonky snatch is because that surgery costs £400+ per ear

Unless you have more than two ears, bargain!

General Jim Mattis USMC has odd, battered looking ears. He probably didn't pay to get them mutilated like you did but they didn't hold his career up.


War Hero
One bid so far from Gurung at HQBGN, Jawalakhel, Patan.
Two goats, a gallon of yaks milk and a life-size papier mache
model of the Abominable Snowman.

Not a great Yeti, but a unique Christmas ornament nevertheless.
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