Funny happening (or statements) totally shipside.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. My sister came to the commissioning ceremony for HMS Devonshire in 1972 at Chatham.
    She was at the time 24, and considered "Divs" by most who saw her. Must be a family look.
    Anyhow she was in the family referred to as "The Duchess" as she always went for the better things in life, less clothes than my older sister, but always more expensive and quality.
    So she has her paper plate with her salad and mini pork pie on it and her plastic cutlery, with plenty of salad cream/mayo on it.
    Not being able to cut the pie, she reluctantly lifts it with her fingers.
    Plate relieved of weight, wind under plate takes off quicker than a wasp, and splatters on her ample bosom (big tits).
    How many offers did she get to clean it off. 8O :D :D :roll:
  2. I'm shocked that she had to use her fingers to eat it. If she really was as ' divs ' as you say. Why did no one see the chance to offer to hold it for her ;) ?
  3. Easily answered, My old man could kill lions with a look in his hey day and believe me in 1972 he was in his hey day. At 6ft 3inches and built as solid as the cenotaph, not many Jack were that brave. 8O :D
  4. Fair Enough :D
  5. My old dear (bless her socks) brought two of my siblings to meet the Albion as we returned from the FES in '66.
    She travelled down the day before and stayed in the old Sussex Hotel/pub opposite the Town Hall in Pompey.
    When she told me of that, I had to let her know the sort of establishment it was ..... she says to me she did wonder why she received odd looks from women in the bar when she went down from the room !!

    probably thought she was an interloper from the Smoke ....... :lol:
  6. Rummers old chap - can't help thinking that may have ben a re-dedication. :oops:

    I was first commish on ANTRIM and that was 1972 as well. I'm sure DEVONSHIRE (first of class) was commissioned about 1965? I remember this well, 'cos as a young lad I had a formal RN picture of her with the 'top secret' 965 radar blanked out - true dit!
  7. He has his dates mixed-up (the old bastard). He meant this one. It was the slave ship he came in on I think :D :
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sshhhh!!! 8O :wink:
  9. OK! How do I quote from one thread into another? Or double quote?

    Pleeeeease? :roll:
  10. My dear Mr Sonar, or may I call you "bender" you are of course absolutely spot on with your statement that the Dev first commissioned was not in 72, it was in fact Nov 62, but even God ain't that old.
    I should have of course stated RE-Commissioning, but being a sea cadet I was caught out.
    I will now write out 100 times I am a Walt.
    965 eh, I'll sell that to my mate Vladamir :roll:

    I do remember the Antrim being in Chats with us, in fact its probably you that smoothed it away with my pash from the Bulls head, you bleedin party stealing git. :twisted: :evil:
    If it wasn't sorry :oops: :roll:

  11. Me????

    I never stole anyone's pash. :oops:

    Well, maybe just once. :oops:

    Or twice...... :wink:
  12. I've told you before, my first ship was the Ark.
    The skipper was a god fearing sort of chap but the rest of the crew were Fuckin animals. :D :roll:

    And I ain't the only old coot on here am I Mr bender, the Antrim first commissioned July 14th 1970. According to the great God Google 8O :wink:
  13. Some twat told me a few years ago that I was that fuckin sad that in years to come I would be hanging around Unicorn gate bumming Blue Liners of Jack.
    Fuckin idiot he got that wrong,.......

    It's Victory gate. :oops:
  14. The way you've fucked up your life, you should be outside the Pearly ones mate :D
  15. Moi? I have a great life master boss, since I got my freedom I is doing alwhite. :D

    And stop PMing asking for money and drugs, its getting embarrassing :D
  16. [quote="RumratAnd I ain't the only old coot on here am I Mr bender, the Antrim first commissioned July 14th 1970. According to the great God Google 8O :wink:[/quote]

    Ah, but I only said I was ON the ANTRIM first commish! Not at the commish ceremony! So joined up just after the commish party!

    Still an old coot though if you say so!

    Enjoy the States. Can you bring me back some Harley stuff?
  17. TJP


    What mess were you in shipmate ???
  18. PM him you cnut this threads years old :)
  19. TJP


    Thanks for the tip Gatling Gob !!
  20. My my you got some attitude old timer:-D wasn't meant to be offensive just a gentle nudge in the right direction.
    Now fcuk off you piss riddled old cnut

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