Funny as hell sayings?


War Hero
The 50-50-90 rule.

If there is a 50 - 50 chance of something happening then a Matelot will have a 90% chance of screwing it up.
Polto said:
You've got a face like:

A burglar's tool kit

A kit bag full of steaming boots

A laser gun (zit zit zit)

A practice welder's workbench

A bulldog chewing a wasp

A bulldog licking thick sh!t off a thistle
LOL.. never heard the laser gun one before - brilliant!


Lantern Swinger
In the line hut at Honnington on a Monday morning.
"Morning Chief!".
"Morning Sir, have a good weekend?"
" Yes Chief, I got a bike for the wife".
"That was a good swap, Sir".
He chuckled all morning then introduced me to the bike at the squadron run.

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