Funny as hell sayings?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Deano19, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. Please add the ones you remember to the list

    "I will make you run up that hill until your eyes bleed"
    "You better move at the speed of a thousand gazelles" (Surely the same speed as 1)
    "Ok lads, the shit has just hit the fan..."
    "Stop having a sad on, get a mag on, and stag on"

    Names for recruits.... hahaha
    FLucking New Guy (FNG)
  2. For gobby trainee submariners

    "Shut and clip your Part 3 lip"
  3. I always liked "Mummy" type expressions like..........."If you fall off that wall and hurt yourself,........I'll kill you. 8O :D
  4. Sprinkle my hoop with sugar and call me a donut. 8O

    What? Have I not got the right idea? :lol:
  5. '' STAG ON'' ? not sentry???
  6. When running the line on a crab fat squadron, a young crab came dripping like a septic ******** about some crap or other:

    "Well son, you joined the Air Force not the Fair Force".
  7. Who gives a sh*t about the idea, pass the sugar and bend over. :oops: :D
  8. I'm going to give you all a payrise next week lads.
  9. March properly or I'll break your legs. :(
  10. That man's had more time off than:

    Lord Nelson's Starboard anti-flash glove

    Douglas Bader's flip flops

    Steven Hawkins' treadmill

    Percy Thrower's lanmower
  11. Anne Boleyn's head.
  12. Rambo`s safety catch

    the skippers 8`s
  13. ''Take yesterday off''
  14. You smell like the bottom of a sh1t smuggler's duffle bag.
  15. You've got a face like:

    A burglar's tool kit

    A kit bag full of steaming boots

    A laser gun (zit zit zit)

    A practice welder's workbench

    A bulldog chewing a wasp

    A bulldog licking thick sh!t off a thistle
  16. More Green Rubs than Robin Hood's clothes-brush :roll:
  17. Your nosey for a cabbage
  18. Got a face like a chacon full of gust-locks!!

    One for the Helicopter Wafu's!!!
  19. "..beacause i'll jump on your F*#king head, why? ...BECAUSE I CAN" BRILLIANT MAA

    followed by

    Treat Yourself (drop and give 10)
  20. "You look like a bag of shit tied up in the middle!" - PO Perry

    Joss follows on by saying... "I love my job!"

    Hi to all Cornwell 07's BTW.

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