Funeral request. RAF contacts.

Not sure if this is the right place but, posting on behalf of a fellow RN veteran.

Does anyone have any RAF family/mates.

Re-posted from another site for anyone around the Midlands ...

Morning gents,
I'm in need of some help.
A close family friend died this week aged 91.
Flt Sgt Harry Arrowsmith. Harry served in 207 Sqn during the Second World War and flew 18 missions as a rear gunner in a Lancaster bomber and was also involved in the Berlin airlift.
His wife passed away a few years ago and the only family he has is his sister. I'm concerned that his funeral will not be the send off that he deserves as only his sister and my family will be attending. If anyone knows how to get this posted in an RAF group it would be greatly appreciated in case anyone wishes to attend.
His funeral will be Thursday 24th at 1300hrs Robin Hood cemetery (hall green, Birmingham) with drinks at the Olton gentlemen's club straight after (not a strip club as the name may suggest).
Harry worked and saved his whole life and requested that his estate be split between the RAF association and the Lifeboats to help other airmen in their time of need.
He was an old school gent and a hero who will leave a large void in all our lives.
Please feel free to share this with anyone you think may wish to attend his funeral.
Steve & family.


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It could be worth contacting the Aircrew Association. Even if Harry was not a member, it is quite possible that members would like to pay their respects. My late father ( ex Wireless Op/Air Gunner) was a member of his local branch and members were only too willing to turn out at the funeral. There's a link here which might help - I suggest you click the box for the Birmingham branch and e-mail them.

Good luck.
Thanks Ninja.

Here's an update. Sorry it's a bit late;
WW2 RAF Veteran Harry Arrowsmith passed away earlier this month, survived by only his sister. Despite this, his funeral was attended by over 250 well wishers, who came to honour his bravery and service to his country.

During the war, Mr Arrowsmith worked as a rear gunner on the famous Lancaster bombers. While the life expectancy of such a pilot was four missions, he bravely flew and survived 18. He then retrained as an engineer after leaving active service.

Following a local neighbour's Facebook post that was shared hundreds of times on the social network, hundreds showed up on the day to pay their dues to the brave pilot, testament to the continued respect for our Armed Forces.

RIP and thank you for your brave service Mr Arrowsmith.
We salute you.


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My best mate's Dad was a rear gunner on Lancasters & Wellingtons (Coastal Command, apparently) during the closing stages of WW2. He passed a couple of years back, but I had the honour to be the only uniformed prescence at his funeral.

A salute from me to Harry.

As for the rest of the RAF, they can just bugger off. ;)