Funeral of Bill Stone on BBC news channel 1430 29 Jan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by airborne_artist, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. The funeral of Bill Stone will be on the BBC News Channel from 1430 (perhaps earlier) today.

    You can access the BBC news Channel online, as well as on Freeview/Satellite.
  2. FLASH! Live on BBC News 24 now.
  3. Bump! It looks as though they've cleared lower deck at Sultan for the occasion. Tremendous media presence too.
  4. Did I say it was live on the internet here too?
  5. Watching it RIP Bill
  6. Fantastic eulogy from the son-in-law. Very moving
  7. Brilliantly read. It was moving indeed
  8. Very fitting end to a long life.RIP old boy and well done and god bless.
  9. Code:
    Fantastic eulogy from the son-in-law. Very moving
    Indeed, you'd think he did it every day.

    I used to live in Watlington, and my kids knew him. They were genuinely very sad when they heard he'd died - he'd been to their school several times to talk about the Poppy Appeal.
  10. Another thing I hadn't realised. While serving in the Halcyon Class minesweeper HMS Salamander, he was a survivor of the RAF Typhoon rocket attack on 27 Aug 1944 which sank HMS Britomart and HMS Hussar off the French coast with terrible loss of life and seriously damaged his own ship (link).

  11. [​IMG]


  12. You've made me cry now :cry:
  13. Unfortunately I was away for this funeral but I agree with the words of Commander Keith Evans. It was a privilege to have known Bill.


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