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I wonder if any of you can help? I've received the following email (contact details available on request by pm).
Hi I am trying to find a branch of the RNA in Essex near the small town of Halstead which in fact is also near Sudbury in Suffolk. My uncle died earlier this week after a very long and painful illness.He was in the Royal Navy as a very young man during the last few years of WW2. He served mainly in the Pacific on CARRIERS, and was immensely proud of the RN and of his brothers and nephew who also served with him.The funeral is in a little village a few miles from Halstead. My cousins and I would like to have something naval,perhaps a flag for the coffin, and some suitable music, and even a bugler. I have tried to contact the RNA in Colchester without success. The MOD are very kindly arranging for a copy of his service records so that we can prepare a suitable eulogy. He is the last but one of my family who served in the services during the last war,and it would be wonderful to make this a very special day of celebration of his life.I will willingly reimburse any expense,or make donations to the various charities. The funeral is next Thursday 11th Feb so we don't have much time. Kind regards and thanks Eunice Chambers
In particular, Mrs Chambers is looking for any serving or ex-serving sailors who would wish to help her family celebrate the life of her uncle, she is also looking for a suitable wreath design.

Many thanks


The RNA seems to have a branch calling itself Sudbury, Halstead and Hedingham - Contact Number 01787475426 - Could they help?


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This might sound off the wall, but the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook may well be able to help with a bugler and/or ensigns given the school's strong nautical traditions. The general number is 01473 326 200.

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