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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by jamesm, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi All

    Hope everyone is well.

    You may recall that back in March, I posted on the board after you guys flooded it with tributes to my mate Paul & young anthony after the tireless accident. I'm back to pinch a little board space for an announcement if i may...

    Back at home, we've been busy since the incident. A group of us have got together and formed a fund (soon to be registered charity) in memory of paul - the Paul McCann Fund For Needy Children.

    This isnt a 'give us your money' post - but an invite to join us at a couple of events this year which we're holding.

    Firstly, a cricket match. Paul was a keen cricketer (some of you may know), and I played with him since we were kids at Halesowen Cricket Club. It seemed only fitting that we put together a side to take on the mighty Navy team! So, on Sunday 29th June - we're hosting a day in the west midlands for just this! There will be raffles, auctions, cricket, food, disco, karaoke and of course BOOZE! (although after attempting to out-drink some of you lads at the funeral, I may stick to diet coke. I have decided that rum should be left to the professionals...)

    We also have a christmas ball - black tie jobs, auction etc.

    The fund has been set up to support the NSPCC & Childline - something Paul would definately approve of.

    Appologies for website linking to the mods - but here's the website address:

    Shameful promotion, i know. :p

    We will be auctioning via ebay some great sporting memorabilia that we've had donated to us too - be sure to check that out!

    I rarely check any PM's here - but the email on the fund site comes to me - so if anyone would like to attend or have more details - fire away!

    Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work guys.


  2. No worries mate,crack on with this as it is relevant to Submariners.Best of luck.

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