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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by BARNEYRNSM, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. Not sure how many are CCF RNR on here but just to let you know by September 2015 the contingent grants will stop and a year later PTDs will stop. CCFs will then be charged £175 a year for each cadet and billed for food ammunition clothing etc. It looks like only fee paying schools will have a CCF as having worked at a state school for the CCF,there is no spare money available.
    Anyone in the cadet world have any thoughts on this?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Wonder how long before URNU funding ceases?
  3. Is it the same for the Air Force & Army side? If so looks like it's going the same way as the sea cadets
  4. Yes same for all three services. As far as I know ACF , ATC and SCC are not changing.
    Teachers are already paid by the school so it is a bit cheeky to pay them as teachers then give them time off in term time and they still get their school holidays. Will certainly put off people that don't work at the school being part of the CCF,would you give up a weeks holiday for no remuneration for all the [email protected]@p that goes with having a duty of care the whole time you are away? I know scout leaders do it but I doubt they have the admin burden caused by the mob!
  5. Have you got the reference for that Barney? I'd be interested in having a read.
  6. Sadly no,I received it second hand from someone still in the CCF,I can't post that email up,don't want to drop them in it! I will have a quick look on google and see what I can find,standby!
  7. Thanks. I spent a few years in the CCF and in my opinion things needed to change in the organisation, I'll read the documents with interest.
  8. I did five years with CCF after 22 in the mob,the admin burden is massive and compounded if you have all three sections as well,it does look as though my old unit will close due to lack of funding, a sad end to over 100 years of OTC/CCF at the school.
  9. What happened to growing the CCF nationwide?
  10. I volunteer with the SCC during my spare time (mainly on leave- I have permisssion to wear uniform from my CO and that of the T.S. I work with) and although I recognise that they are part of the Marine Society I find it strange that they are not part of the MoD (or that they don't teach the kids that arn't eligable for the RN that they may want to look at the RFA or MN) as per the Crab and Pongo cadets, are the naval parts of the CCF under the MoD or are they the same?
  11. SCC kept charity status after WW2 I believe where as the ACF,CCF all three sections and the ATC went under the MODs umbrella,I believe that the SCC are now going to the CCF RNR for help more and more, I know of at least two CFAVs helping out at a SCC camp next week and the central camp at BRNC will have cadets from all of the above and affiliated sea scouts
  12. In my opinion (one of an Air Cadet) this is fine. I pay a £10 a month subscription fee to my Squadron and pay for almost all camps I go on and it's totally worth it! Those in the CCF have had it good! They get more opportunities than the ATC and don't have to pay for any sorts of uniform, but I'm a little bias! :)
    I'm sure that most of the keen people in the CCF will have no problem paying the fee or failing that, go to their respective Cadet force e.g. ATC, ACF or SCC.
  13. I'd say you have a lack of understanding of CCFs
  14. Nope! What makes you say that? They do get more opportunities, that's just how it is. There are fewer CCF Units and fewer 'keen' Cadets due to many schools making in compulsory, therefore more opportunities for those who take them. Also, most schools offer all uniforms for free as opposed to the ATC of which most Squadrons require the Cadets to provide Combat uniform (CS95 or MTP). Finally my point about Cadets either being willing to pay or leaving for the associated organisation is also valid.
  15. CCFs at state schools get the uniform free but pay for camps weekends etc just the same as ACF/ATC,can't speak for fee paying schools
  16. BARNEYRNSM, I understand that. All I was saying is that I don't feel this is will really effect them, as they can either pay the new fee or just to along to the ATC/ACF. A set of Combats alone (along with a pair of boots) set me back around £90-100 anyway so this new fee (especially for those in fee-paying schools) isn't much.
  17. If they move to ACF it free for uniform,it will end the CCF at state schools unless they find a bucket of money!
  18. Turns out it's not happening they are keeping their funding and pay for CFAVs all change( back to like it was before)

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