funding available for organising a team activity/ dinghy sailing level 2. ???? help

hi guys,

new to the site so looking for advice.

my line manager has asked me to organise a week away with my section to go dinghy sailing. classed as a team bonding exercise or a week of adventurous training. iv been in touch with hms excellents whale island sailing centre and they quoted me 40pound per head. i am looking for as much funding as i can from various allocations to try and get this down to a bare minimum so we have other funds for the week to seek other group activities. can someone please advise if they have ever organised an event for their section how they went about it.

many thanks, ps sorry cap locks isnt working on this old broken computer.
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It might be worthwhile consulting BRd 4024 (Ch. 3 especially Section 3 - Finance) and JSP 419.
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