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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by josiecats, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Well i thought i would share all the fun things i have done TO my huby over the last 15 years

    have tickled him while he was asleep til he woke up laughing not knowing why he was laughing

    drawn on him with permenat maker pen.. nice big eye brows and a mustash.... while he was sleeping,,,

    poured water on him so he wakes up thinking he has wet himself...

    poured sugar over his tackle,,,, so he wakes up sticky and scratchy

    put stink bombs on the foot pedles of his car,,,,

    thrown cold water on him in the shower

    water bombed him whislt he was washing the car

    and my personel fav...

    made him buns full of laxitive to take out on a over nite fishin trip,,,

    what sort of things have you guys an girls done to the loves in your lives,,,
  2. Shagged 'em!!! :wink: :wink: :cool:
  3. you evil women he will get his own back i am sure
  4. Put an ice cube in his hand while he sleeps off the beer ...he WILL piss himself. :grin:
  5. Bloody hell Josie! And I thought my wife flushng the heads while I was sitting on them was outrageous. Should the occasion ever arise, remind me never to marry you! :lol:

  6. pmsl girl - ur great!!!!
    think the most evil thing i did was to an ex BF -we were in the naafi bar in faslane, during a jmc, and id got fed up so binned the poor lad in front of the entire dabber dept - then when he asked why, i told him he was a crap shag, and to add insult ended up with a yank matelot!! not proud now - but funny at the time!!!!
  7. Ex missus and her sister were at my house, ex missus walked out (again) to teach me a lesson, approximately 6 hours and a crate of Stella later and I not only boned her sister, but "accidentaly" came on her face during a soixante neuf.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Typical Woman, you promised me that you wouldn't mention this again after the humiliation I sufferred last time :oops:
  9. Janner.

    You my sweet; deserve to be shot with a ball of your own HSIT

    'n I would gladly pull the trigger,

    thank god we never had gross things yukkk !!! in my day we had "Wrens" and they were truly nice to know.


  10. awwwww guys come on.......... after 15 years we can still play like youngsters.. to many marrages fade.....
    Huby has done things to me tooo
    he likes to wake me up with a nice cup of cold water in the face....
    thrown me fully clothed into a stream....
    hides in coat cupboards and jumps out at me...
    amoung many other things,,,

    besides who would you rather be with a partner that sits in front of the box constantly or one that plays ,,one that keeps you on your toes......

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