Full training Obligation For RNR's!!

Ok as im sure im not the only person who is a bit confused :? at the moment with the obligation of current serving RNR's.

This seems to be a subject which is continually changing, whether these things are actually formally being changed and added into the list of things we already have to do, or are just oppos or SR's saying these HAVE to be done for training, within the bounty year as i may add, to qualify!!

I know there are training matrixes that we are meant to follow but these seem to me to be a little behind with the times!!

I am in the situation where i am going to have to tell my civvy employer what im going to be needing, in terms of time off and would quite like to know for what exactly and how long i will be needing off work in an average year!

Anyone else in this situation?? And if anyone can stipulate an accurate list of training this would be of great help to, im sure not only me but many more!!

Cheers knowledgeable shipmates!!
For "normal" List 3s, the requirement is 24 days per training (fiscal, not calendar) year, of which 12 is meant to be continuous "Operational Role Training" or ORT, and the other 12 days a combination of evening drills (0.25 of a day) and weekends/shorter courses, known as "Support Activity" or SA.

Generally annual divisions and one or two other events are deemed by your CO as "Bounty Requirements" so you have to attend these if you want your bounty!

As to what the various courses and dates are, well, that depends very much on your branch.

Hope that helps!

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