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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jones265R, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Hands up if your chitted in.
  2. I take it that you meant to say "Request to discontinue shaving"!
  3. I personally have had my chit in (yes ratty "Request to discontinue shaving") with my wife since leaving the mob just wondering how many of us still sport the regulation 'full set' on leaving the mob. Just a bit of fun, obviousley a full set in the mob is a thing to be proud of but how do you feel people perceive you and your beard?
  4. I have had mine since joining my first nuclear boat some 35+ years ago apart from a short period when it was shaved off for 'Children in Need'.

  5. Mine's off at present, but as I feel lost, cold and young looking without it, I shall be regrowing it in the Autumn. After all, with my hair disappearing fast, I don't want to end up looking like a freshly shorn recruit, especially as these days I automatically wake-up at 0530 every morning! :oops:
  6. Mines not coming off again, at least not unless some one puts an awful lot of cash into some charity. I kept it off for a couple of months to let various people who had never seen me clean shaven see what I looked like, but it only reminded me how barbaric the process of shaving was.

    I think waking up early naturally is an old age thing, suffer from it myself but only at 0600.

  7. Nozzy

    Do not worry about the hair thinning on top. It is a fact that you not lose any hair. What actually happens as you gracefully age is that you suffer slippage of your hair. It will procees downwards through your head and appear out of your nose or ears.

    Stand by me, it has happened already.

  8. and its a full set for me. wouldnt be without it. dont you just hate it when your tash gets too long and curls over your top lip.

    it has to be said these days its one thing that men only do(as a general rule that is)(i suppose there are some older ladies who sport a tash - yuk)

    i would have added a smilie but there aint one with a full set!!
  9. had one for 46 years shaved most of it off when i left the mob thinking how handsome i was with a moustache when my good lady passed a disparaging remark its like supping soup without salt,needless to say experiment cancelled.( dread to think of the remarks concerning my wife but hey im a big boy)

    abstaining is a fine thing but it should only be done in moderation.
  10. Had mine for years, getting nice and snowy white (to match me head -what there is of that) What wi th my current bodily profile, reckon I'd be right for a Father Xmas job this year
  11. Had mine for the best part of 10 years now. My OH prefers me with a full set. Something about tickling certain areas ;-)
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've met this man, think Uncle Albert, and you are close, in all respects
  13. Your all heart, Janner
  14. The question has to be asked has Jenny D - "Requested to discontinue"?????
  15. Just put my chit in a month a ago and keeping it now! Work in a tiny office with three RAF (I'm the only matelot) so felt it was the correct "Navy" thing to do - keep using words like shippers and me hearty too. Does this make me an outcast?
  16. Full set was a bad choice. Full length regulation-friendly sideburns would have been better. And keep a copy of the regs in your pocket. Seen many an RSM go apopletic over this rule when taken to the extremes!
  17. Got to agree with this one! When I was working with the Rockapes in Akrotiri one of the SGTs, an ex QCS Rock, absolutely hated my pompey jossmans, the more he told me about this, the less inclination I had to trim them! He even used me as a visual aid during his bollocking of some University Air Squadron cadet "He is allowed those monstrous things, he is a matelot, you are not GET THEM UP!!"

    Same base, couple of matelots and rockapes discussing beards, taches and sidies and the subject of "Ridiculous handlebar moustaches" comes up, us giving these RAF types some stick. Well Mike, one of the corporals, states "There's no one in the airforce with one of those anymore" Oh how we ripped the piss out of him when not 5 minutes later around the corner walked a RAF Sgt sporting a fine set of handlebars he could have been straight out of the Battle of Britain!! :lol:
  18. I got a whisper that we were to be put up for ceremonial guard whilst on killicks course, of course I ran full tilt to slap in and did it ever wind up the gunnery staff.
    Also shaved off once whilst on leave, came back off leave and got a bollocking from the Joss for not requestiing to continue shaving???
    Tosser crusher, typical really.
  19. My first proper beard in the Andrew - but a question - why are we allowed beards and the Army and RAF only allowed to underline their noses? I have been asked and I just know one of you old salts will know!
  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I never chitted in to discontinue shaving, since I had a set when I joined. However, I was sponsored the £200 for Comic Relief in 1990 to get rid of it; my DO was happy to tick the "May be spared" box on my request to recommence shaving.

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