Fuel Strike Contingency Plans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. It would seem that the Govt is preparing for a yes vote in the upcoming tanker drivers ballot on strike action ... BBC News - Army training to deliver petrol in case of strike action

    Why not? It's not like the lads will have anything else to for this year, in between Op tours, the Olympics, QDJ, Armed Forces Day, November Ceremonies and any other contingent Ops that the septics decide we should take part in.
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  2. They do a lot of these contingency plans. In 79, just before I went outside, there were HGV drivers detailed off at CU and they were working overtime running courses for more. And the water workers were talking about strikes too - I was earmarked for a water pumping station near Barnstable. Nothing came of it.
  3. I was a POMEM(L) on mechs course when we were given a magic wand HGV 3 for Green goddess driving and we also got earmarked for the water workers strike. Naff all happened in either case.
  4. Opportunity to get a freebie HGV licence?
  5. I doubt it, I had to hand mine back in when the fireman went back to work.
  6. I do not see that acting as blackleg labour is the job of the Armed Forces, they need the full support of the civilian population.
  7. They wont let just anyone drive tankers ... when I did my HGV1 as part of resettlement I sat a separate exam carry hazardous loads including fuel so suspect it will be the forces HGV drivers who already carry out those duties as part of their day to day job ... certainly wont be a free HGV licence!
  8. This really fucks me off.

    {Finks mode on}

    The forces are being used for more and more civil and inappropriate duties with increasing regularity, and whilst it's not for the forces to question their command givers you have too agree that sometimes it's not not right use them as a be all and end all resource for the failings of government foresight.

    In my opinion the armed forces should be visible and proudly displayed at the Olympics, not used as a cheap manpower trick. Same goes for firefighters and logistics.

    Very poor show.

    {Finks mode off}
  9. Sadly for us (you soon) is it is a little agreement called MACP-Military Aid to Civil Power. When the Hants police found out they could use us (Pompey bomb team) instead of paying West Sussex police divers, we got taksed to everything. Body jobs galore, murder weapon searches, missing persons, car recoveries from rivers etc etc. Whilst it was good to skeg the WPC's it did become a friggin piss take.
  10. It is sad. I've had a crown on my shoulder for most of my adult life but it seems less and less relevant. Sodding incompetent politicians.
  11. Spose there is always a glassy side!
  12. What a bloody shambles, fill a jerry can, top up when half full, top up when three quarters full, none of the government jesters are singing from the same hymn sheet, not only that no strike dates have even been announced as talks are continuing in an attempt to resolve the dispute.
  13. I refuse to top my tank up according to government guidelines on the principle that it's usually best to do the exact opposite of whatever this government suggests.
  14. I'm inclined to top up my jerrycan, take it to my nearest Greggs, light a fire to warm up my oggie, and protest about our 'oppo, Granny being taxed ! :protest:
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  15. As there is no steam coming off could you do his as well?


    I will have to fester for a while longer before I fire up the bus regarding the grab grannies and granddads tax.
  16. The FBU should be criticised for their Elf n Safety culture though - "don't store petrol in a Jerry Can cos if you put it in your house and it goes up in smoke then it'll be a lot worse."

    What a load of arse. By that rationale you should never fill your car in case your house spontaneously combusts and takes your fuel tank with it. Or not store water in a barrel in case a cat drowns in it.

    I agree the Government's advice hasn't been fantastic though.
  17. ...apart from the fact that full fuel tanks are safer than empty/half empty ones.
  18. I cannot speak for anyone else but personally I don't park my car in the lounge.
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  19. petrol.jpg

    Love it!
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  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You old ****** you, dont you have a drive thru house then?

    Bloody old fuddy duddy. It's the new patio.

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