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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. We have now been told that fuel cards will not be issued unless you are travelling in a service vehicle.

    Therefore if you are allocated a hire vehicle you have to fill it up yourself and claim it back.

    Personally i'm not particularly happy about it (having been stiffed along these lines in the past, ok it was a few years ago).

    If you're talking about one of the larger mini buses then you're looking at over £60.00 to fill it up, on a long journey you may have to do that twice! I'm sorry but £120.00 out of my sky rocket before i've even been paid a penny is a bit much. (I'd only be paid £80.00 for the weekend!)

    I know we can claim it back on JPA and the money should be in your bank within days etc but i'm still not convinced.

    Surely with the discounts that the MOD get on fuel this will cost them far to much money?

    Has anyone else heard of this?
  2. At face value appears daft, possible solution is to get advance of subs, although this involves a little more paper work. I think its done because use of fuel cards comes off one budget and reclaiming fuel use is off another, or the BR says that you can only use fuel cards for MOD vehicles, end of dit there then. To add insult to injury, if you return the hire car back empty, you can be liable to pay the cost of having the car refilled at the hire company's rates. Has it been explained to you why you can't use the fuel card for hire cars?
  3. Advance of 'subs' is only a click away with JPA - hey, maybe i could get a GEMS award for that line...'it's only a click away with JPA - so get your ******* notice in!!'
  4. yes - because "BR says that you can only use fuel cards for MOD vehicles".

    I was under the impression that when a vehicle is hired by the MOD it comes under the MOD insurance etc and therefore becomes a "service vehicle".

    I know people who have returned vehicles back empty and been charged. If they give you a fuel card then you have no excuse. What if you dont have the money for whatever reason (students, unemployed, just plain skint?
    Or, like for instance when my old mortgage company took out my payment even though i'd swapped my mortgage the previous month. I paid two mortgages in a month.
  5. or f*cked up pay with JPA!
  6. Sympathise with you there Trehorn, grips my sh1t when I have to give the MOD a loan.
  7. trehorn, the hire cars are supposed to be inside the Lex run "White Fleet" contract and, therefore, are Service vehicles. Ah, Service vehicles; remember them?

    I suspect somebody has a half-grasp of the intended SOP and can't differentiate between contract hire car and private car on Standard Rate mileage. Challenge it. Our "White Fleet" wallah has just gone home so I can't ask.
  8. Credit-worthy? Get plastic! (If only for RNR expenses). Then if you incur an expense on, say, the 13th of a month, the bill arrives early to middle of the next month and has to be paid the month after that. Plenty of time to claim on JPA or get your normal travel expenses. Railways, petrol stations, motorway services take Amex so the potential for cashbacks etc is increased ;-) That'll do nicely as they used to say.
  9. That's not really the point though, even using that approach one is still funding duty commitments; absorbing credit risk and cutting into existing credit.

    What Trehorn describes isn't something I've heard of, unless the rules have changed in the last few months. At most units I've been at recently the fuel cards were specifically for hire cars, all the pool cars were fueled onsite, or under agreement with a nearby location. Said hire cars were under the MOD white-fleet contract as well.
  10. What happens if we don't get them from Lex?

    We often use different hire companies?
  11. Exactly my point. I've heard too many stories about money being deducted from peoples pay after being paid in by JPA. Either because the claim has been sbmitted incorrectly of the person doing the checking can't be bothered to check the paperwork THEY issued out in the first place.

    I'm just not keen on running the gauntlet of JPA after i've already paid out the dosh in the first place.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    JPA works very well for all travel claims, so long as you keep the receipt for TWO years for auditing purposes. Money is usually in your bank (via BACS) within 3 working days.

    All vehicles (either your own, for hire, leased from Lex or with MOD plates) are classed as Service Vehicles, providing they are conducting a service-related journey.

    And fuel cards are becoming less common as less petrol companies accepty them, so your own credit/debit card are more convenient these days.
  13. The MOD contract is exclusive, so any hire car should be ordered through Lex. They probably won't provide the car themselves, I've mainly had Avis cars through the contract in the last few years.
  14. Its not necessarily JPA that i dont trust.

    I'm still not keen on splashing out £120.00 notes beforehand.

    I've just been approved 2 days training with an expenses budget of several hunderds of pounds because there is no accomodation in the establishment i'm due to train in and the establishment is about 400 miles away.
  15. What Karma says is correct. If you are hiring a car through the MoD contract (it's with Lex), it becomes a Service vehicle and will be sub contracted to any one of a number of accredited Hire companies. If you are hiring the car personally, then it's not; and you shouldn't.
  16. It would appear that if your unit has not already brought this into force then they should be in the very near future.

    Also, if anyone tells you that you can get an advance on your estimated fuel expendature prior to departure then they are misinformed.
  17. White fleet is mandatory, and has been for at least six years. It's not a question of near future but any CO whose unit is not using the contract is in breach of his or her responsibilities and is probably liable for investigation for fraudulent use of crown funds.
  18. Sorry, you misunderstand me. I mean that if you do not already pay for the fuel you put in hire vehicles you should be or soon will be.

    Fuel cards are now only issued for use in service vehicles - service vehicle meaning a vehicle that is owned by the unit/RN/RNR or whoever owns unit transportation.

    You will not be given fuel cards for hire vehicles.
  19. That's clearer now, thanks. Is there a reference to a DIN available at all, because that's a fairly fundamental change to the white-fleet situation?
  20. I will post it next week, I dont have the details to hand right now.

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