Fuck me I'm Famous ( Infamous )

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Calm down people my ego hasn't soared, its just a title.

    I have had loads of PM's from well wishers and I really was taken aback by them.
    The last two from Jesse and Andy cap both asking me specific questions I will answer here as I am not up to much at the moment.
    I was discharged from Heartlands Hospital at 14.00hrs yesterday the 23rd July, and thank fuckin god.
    I was in solitary for all but 4 days and it did my fuckin head in. Thanks for the phone calls to the hospital guys, I did not think you was authenticating my location so as to put a fuckin hit on me.

    Anyways I'm as sore as fuck, had an angiogram yesterday at 10.00 am after a pier head jump from Good hope at 7am.
    Here is your moment of fame VERITY, my lovely blond haired blue eyed Trainee Naval nurse from Heartlands.
    If you are typical of today's young guys and gals in the Andrew, then we are in good hands people as she was gorgeous but very professional, and I did promise I would mention you after I had actually convinced you I really was Rumrat.
    I had to eat humble pie and a side salad of shit as apparently I with a couple of others gave her a hard time as a newbie when she posted a couple of years back just as she was joining. Sorry Verity you are a real nice person and as I told you if I was 40 years younger you would have needed to learn how to run faster than me.
    Now she knows my little secret concerning needles and cannulas.
    The result of my angiogram was that my stents from 6 years ago are "pristine" and the other four arteries are good. My kidney and liver functions were good and it looks like I am off the Christmas croak list unless of course fuckin Cunt or Blackrat get me with that dodgy ford cortina.
    The only down side was the fuckin doc said I looked a tad "PALE".
    Anyone wanna buy a dongle?
    White bastards.=)^_~
  2. Fuck..someone told me you were in shit order..so I had me best No's ones civvy suit cleaned and I robbed a few pounds out of the wife's purse ready for your "leaving do".

    Bollocks...I'm off down the legion to spend the lot !!
  3. He lives. A minute's silence all round I reckon.
  4. Great News.
  5. The buffer will be relieved.................you're back on the roster......:happy3:
  6. What a relief,I hate funerals.
  7. Get Verity back on line and post some phots of her before the cortina gets you, honky bastard.

    And welcome back.

    It's just occurred to me that a lot of the brothers are into voodoo, you could be a zombie....even Baron Samedi in person :shock:
  8. I have to name and shame you oppo, you're one of the bastards that gave her shite.
    I think 2DD was the other but I can't prove it.
    I felt embarrassed actually, its fuckin hard to look at a really nice young lady in the eye knowing you aint an anonymous twat anymore. Especially when they have all the needles and lots of power.
    There are stacks of male nurses batting for the other side, and most I met were Charge nurses ( the old sister rank) so they get called "Mister sister's" and think its very funny. And lets be honest because they aint obsessed with testosterone and the associated cock waiving they are really sound geezers.
  9. So, I suppose that means no steaming bats then..............

    Glad you are 'outside' - keep taking the tablets!
  10. I suggest a minute's celebratory noise would be more appropriate. As Rummers' ship's book number was 812, how about starting at 0812 on Friday? I can really see this taking off, especially with those he owes money.

    P.S. If you'd like to celebrate the Olympics afterwards, carry on making a noise for another couple of weeks.
  11. Glad to hear you are off "death row" Rummers! Obviously there is something to the old saying ... "Only the good die young!"

    Used to be a saying about Naval Nurses when I was at Haslar ... 95% of all Naval Nurses are essence ... the other 5% are at Halsr ... and seeing you ain't in Haslar Verity has just got to be in the 95 percentile!
  12. And I've just had my boat painted black, bugger! Glad to hear you're up and running again Steve. :thumleft:
  13. Rummers, I don't remember that, have you got a link or her user name?
  14. Great news Rummers. Welcome back to reality having to look after yourself.
  15. As you have not croaked I will give the Tyburn a coat of lookin at.
  16. We had a brief conversation in which I asked her if she used RR. She said she had a couple of times and also when she had been a newbie asking advice. I asked her if she had been beasted and she said yes and I then asked her if she remembered any of the user names of the arseholes who did it. Did I feel a right fucker when i headed the twat list and she then told me a couple of names and you sir was one. Now in honesty I was staring at the 27 inch needle her oppo was about to shove in my hand and concentration kind of took a seat ten rows back.
    My main concern was how strong a sedative I could scrounge before they stuck a fuckin great tube up my artery and into my heart. Call me a slacker but it did seem more appropriate to panic than talk about RR in depth.:sad5::-?

  17. She came in with a needle
    Twas a bloody great lance
    Now you poxy faced bastard
    This`l make you dance.
  18. So! He,s alive, fuckin shave off, I,ll have to unpick that black diamond off of my suit sleeve.

    Make you mind up Rummy, DD or on the watch bill.
  19. Rummers is playing the SoS card, shortly to be followed by a blue card no doubt.
  20. BUMP. Remember, 0812 tomorrow. There might even be bells (of the non-whisky variety).

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