Hello and good evening all,

Firstly, I know the obvious answer to my sort of question is to "go to the AFCO" and I will be doing soonest. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone could give any information with regards to FTRS posts within the FAA, i.e. joining requirements, postings or whatever that maybe useful. I am an ex reg and left as a killick wafu just under 3 years ago.

Cheers in advance for any info
Get the contact number for your Branch Manager and give him a ring. Having said that; currently with the latest round of redundancies there are very few FTRS contracts around as all branches are either full or overborne especially the FAA. Your best bet would be to join the RNR Air Branch. Get the details from the RN website.


Id heard, from an oppo, the opposite regarding FTRS posts within the FAA and that they were "crying out for them at the minute". I've found that hard to believe with all the redundancies and what not but I got me thinking that it could be worth looking into. I quite fancy getting back into the RN in some format, even tempted to re-join. Cheers for the info though, I will look into this tomorrow
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