Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by guzboy1, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. In the current financial climate I thought it might be useful to have a shortcut to the RN FTRS jobs availability site. Found the site for the Army and RAF but not for the RN.

    Anyone point me in the right direction?

  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Not many of them and not advertised as far as I know. Speak to NPT(RES) if you want specific details of a post.
  3. Oh, that's a pity - I would have thought that they had some kind of duty to promulgate all the posts in this equality/fairness/transparency culture otherwise it might be seen as "jobs for the boys". Certainly the Army and RAF are there for all to see.

    If the only way you are going to know about the upcoming posts is for you to continually ring up someone in NPT(RES) (whoever they are) then they must miss some very good candidates. :-|

    Edit to say thanks!
  4. At the moment there is a clear policy of there not being any FTRS posts. Doubtless some still exist as we don't live in a perfect world and there are bound to be some specialist areas / posts that need to be filled, but, if you are making people redundant, why would you employ Reservists full time?
  5. I don't know why they would employ Reservists Full Time when they are making people redundant but the Army are looking for 70 FTRS positions to be filled at present (and we can only guess how many are filled already).

    What I would like to see is details of any available RN posts so that I could see whether I might be suitable for one. You are surely correct in that there are some specialist posts that need to be filled by FTRS but I don't think that the recruiting pool ought to be restricted to people who know what NPT (RES) means.
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  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Most FTRs jobs are done by ex regs rather than RNR - its a bit of a misconception, but its been a useful way to keep people with very specialist skills used in areas where shortages have existed.
  7. Yeah, I am ex regular. Did my time.

    I suppose I just find it frustrating and, to be frank, quite curious, that there appears to be an avenue for further employment within the RN and the detail is held behind a firewall. The other two Services clearly recognise that the more people available for consideration the better the recruiting process.
  8. The Army is quite reliant on reservists to fill specific posts. Ex regs are very often not current enough than a recently deployed specialist in the TA.
  9. To summarise then.

    As a retiree if you want to be considered for FTRS all you need do is make your skills, availability and willingness known to an organisation whose existence is not publicised external to the Naval Service to apply for jobs whose existence aren't publicised external to the Naval Service.

    Did I get that right?
  10. RN FTRS posts are not advertised external to the RN. If you want to discuss all you need to do is contact your previous Career Manager (Drafting Desk) and they can advise you of how to register with the FTRS Cell within NPT(Res) or tell you not to bother because you've got no chance of getting an FTRS post anyway. The whole point of FTRS is to fill certain positions (generally specialist roles) where there isn't an available Regular.
  11. Ahhh FTRS, you just a missed applying for a nice one as well! A year in the gateway to the mediterranean! Lucky B*****ds that got it! :-|
  12. Many thanks for that but I think the point was well made at post 5.

    Ex regulars ought just to be able to type into Google "FTRS Royal Navy" and a list of jobs come up. To have to go to a site like Rum Ration to see what the score is is pretty unsatisfactory.

    For example, lets say I left the RN as the expert in refrigeration plants. A job comes up in the RN where no-one is qualified but there are qualified people in the pool but who might not be as good as me. They get the job. That's not the best for the RN and its not the best for me.
  13. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    What, someone got FTRS doing a year working for Easyjet at Luton? If only I'd known, I am a complete ****** with an uter disregard for customer service so would have been a shoe-in for that.
  14. Thanks, I value everyone's opinion on this so here's mine to what you say.

    Firstly, I am not saying it should be up to me whether I am the best man for the job what I am saying is that everyone who is eligible and qualified who would like to be in the pot should be in there and the decision should be made by the future employing officer.

    As the situation stands now the employing officer only has a limited number of volunteers to choose from - to take your argument to its final conclusion you seem to be saying to employing officers "You asked for a refrigerant engineer, we've got one here, here you are" when you should be saying "You asked for a refrigerant engineer, here's a choice of 10, pick one". Administratively cumbersome I know but we should never let administration stand in the way of recruiting the best person for the job. It must be a nightmare for the likes of Man Utd trawling the world for the best players when it would be easier if only those who knew the scouts could be considered. "You wanted a goal scorer Sir Alex, got one here. Emile your lucks in".

    As to your final point, I don't want an FTRS job, and if I did want one I wouldn't want someone to hand it to me on a plate. What I want less is an arrangement where a core of people who have been lucky enough to know about a process getting jobs over other people who are equally entitled, qualified and available. It's not tolerated in the Army or RAF so why should the RN operate that way?

    all the best
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  15. Struggling with why anyone, especially a RM, wouldn't want as large a recruiting pool as possible when trying to attract people who could be next to you on the front line.

    Are you on FTRS?

    all the best :blackeye:
  16. Is this thread really still going?

    Which bit of THERE IS A POLICY OF NO FTRS are you not getting? The RN doesn't want any FTRS so it isn't going to advertise any. If you wanted to be in the RN full time, why did you leave? Yesterday 350 people who want to stay in the RN were told they were being made redundant - why on earth do you think you should be able to google for a full time post?
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  17. There's a big difference between the RN doesn't want any FTRS and the RN doesn't have any FTRS.

    The Army and the RAF have FTRS and are currently advertising for more. Do you actually think that the RN doesn't have any current FTRS and won't be commissioning more? This being the case, in my view which clearly doesn't find favour on here for some reason, they should be advertising widely and not just offering the posts to those "switched on" enough to ask about them before they left.

    As for the 350 who were told they were leaving the other day who didn't want to I am 100% behind you on that. Not one of those guys should have been given their notice whilst there was one FTRS post which they could have filled.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I don't want an FTRS post.

    So, yeah, its still running.
  18. About time FTRS was scapped.
    All it is a chance for those frightened to leave the RN to remain in on lower pay while blocking a cushy draft for a serving sailor.
    Met a few in my time, wearing the uniform without any of the committments.
  19. Actually I couldn't agree more and your people "frightened to leave the RN" are the other posters "switched on" guys. All I am saying is that the bestowing of an FTRS position to those in shortage categories, if there are any, ought to be transparent and that the gathering up of potential candidates should be similar to what the other two services do.

    Like you I am absolutely gutted that there are good officers and ratings being thrown out of the service when there are likely to be some positions filled by FTRS that could be filled by them. If there is just one FTRS person filling an admin post which requires nothing more than an administration qualifications then that is very sad - I am sure some of the compulsory redundancy people who have jumped at the chance to stay whatever their tasking.

    Anyway, my last on this subject.
  20. Only my opinion:
    I think that it is immoral for there to be any FTRS posts while their are serving sailors qualified or able to be trained to fill them.
    Any current FTRS holders should be replaced at earliest opportunity by those who full time commited men/women.

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