Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by shifty, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    anyone wanna jump on this bandwagon.

    I believe that this deserves its very own section.

    I have been serving on FTRS contract now for quite a few years and strongly believe that there are huge legal issues.

    Examples.....TOR's working hours...PAY....areas of responsibility etc.

    I wont even mention the pension issue and contract renewal.

    Any takers...
  2. Probably true but i'm guessing doing this was your decision. There was a time when we did the SSS as it was known then and didn't quibble too much about such issues.
  3. You is difficult to put the full details in here. YES I signed a contract.

    BUT, I didnt bloody sign one that was meant ot change every couple of months.

    Theres a much bigger picture here....
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Before everyone jumps in blaming the RNR here - could you clarify if you are RNR or ex-regular? The overwhelming majority of FTRS post holders are ex-reg.
  5. If you don't like it on FTRS then why not re-join properly ?
  6. Ex Regular..and for information I served 'properly' as someone puts it for 24 years
  7. I applied to join again properly and I was told 'There are no vacancies'

    This then raises the question 'whos job am I doing if these vacancies do not exist.

    One of my points exactly.
  8. And in fact...last year two jobs were combined and I am now doing 2 jobs

    Another point

    And.....I get paid substantially less than a 'regular' for some cases far more work.
  9. And

    an awful lot of the time I have to do someone elses job too...because we just cannot get reliefs for those on draft

    Yet....'there are no vacancies' for me full time.
  10. So if you cannot re-join properly, you are overworked and underpaid then why not go and work for a civilian employer who is willing to pay you what you're worth ?
  11. Why dont you just go and play on a motorway somewhere and leave this post to anyone who is interested.

    I was under the misunderstanding that there was more than 2 members on here.
  12. There are, its just that some of us dont really care. You say you have been on an FTRS contract for many years, well done you and thanks for your contribution to keeping home fires burning and keeping men at sea. However, my understanding of FTRS is that you get offered a contract that lasts one or maybe two years, and that if the PQ number you inhabit still cannot be filled by a regular you may be offered another contract. That being the case you have probably signed many contracts and, obviously, have been happy to do so. If you are unhappy now, exercise your right and refuse the next offer that comes along. If you do not want to do it, I pretty sure there is someone out there on the bones of there arse quite willing to do it for you.


  13. As an old fart who does not know what the initials FTRS stood for I have not posted.
    I gather from what has been written it is similar to the old annual continuation of service to fill a billet.
    This being the case pay has always been lower,
    However this is compensated for by knowing that you will not get a draft away.
    I knew a guy at Aberporth on continuous service, cushy job, not a bad rate of pay and he did a number of years.
    If your still there Les give me a shout. :p
  14. Are you saying that you signed a contract and that contract, the one you signed, was changed without reference to you during the period (12 months or 2 years?) or do you mean that the one you signed for this engagement is different to the last?
    As for the other points, I understood that since the changes to the rules in about 2004, ToRs are much more akin to regular personnel, for example you are draftable, is this not the case? Having had several FTRS personnel work for me I'm sure you got discuss the post and to read the contract with your DO, and as Fudge Packer says you then signed.

  15. In a roundabout way yes thats it. my particuar case, the goalposts are changing constantly.

    My view is that if it were a civvy company then you would be either offered a pay rise or a new contract should things change.

    Also..they would not be allowed to change it just to suit them...and then say 'TUFF' if you question it.

    My strong belief is that the Nvy Army and Air Force are getting away with cheap labour and saving hundreds of thousands maybe even millions on the wages bill
  16. Sorry, which is it, a change to current or change from the last? In what way have the goalposts changed? As I said above although a contract may be for a specific post you are draftable and available for any job your CO or OC wants you to do (training and rank accepted).

  17. (my bold) Complete bollocks - if you are on FTRS Home Commitment (HC) (which most are) then you get paid the same as an active service guy minus the X-factor. The difference is made up with abated pension (assuming you went to pension in the first place). If you are serving on FTRS FC (Full), you get paid the same as a regular. I know and have employed people on both types of contract - most of them don't drip like sceptic *********, which you appear to be doing.
  18. I know that I have been out too long, but, Shitty, stop moaning and be grateful that you are in employment, if you feel that you can better yourself without the umbrella of the RN, then do so. If not, then don`t bite the hand that feeds you.
  19. Ah...glad to see you're back on form Hig!! :lol:

    It's a little unclear from your post if it is the things that you do that is changing or if someone is trying to impose changes to your standing contract that is the problem.

    Stuff we do on a day to day basis changes frequently, more so at the moment given the changes that are currently taking place due to the implementation of JPA for example. There's no getting away from this sort of change - methods of work, changing pipelines etc etc.
    Covering other people's work is sadly all too often taking place these days and you see it everywhere - sort of inevitable really - we don't like it but we just have to get on with it.
  20. I can assure you that the pay is deifinately not the same minus x factor.

    It is different for every single individual and depends on many factors.

    Either way this post is heading in completely the wrong direction. I am going to ask for it to be removed.

    I did not come here for arguments.

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