Front Page Update Warning Order

There will shortly be a change of the site 'index page' - i.e. the one with the last forum posts on, so that it becomes similar to this:

Why? to make the site easier to use:

Left hand menu is no longer needed since I added the header menu and just confuses people new to the site and many not so new.

The page is much more usable for people on smaller screen resolutions, and allows the last posts to spread out more on all screen resolutions.

It removes a lot of the clutter from the very front page of the site which is now much simpler (see below).

It will cut down on the space wasted on the large center image.

The blocks go to the right as they are now much less important that the main content, which is clearer.

I'm posting this now to try and head off the complaints that a change always brings. Some members of ARRSE were very upset to find that their login box had move to the right of the screen for instance.

It won't happen immediately though so you do have time to comment and protest. I'm always open to other ideas, but I am fairly adamant that a clear up is needed.


Eyes hurt, brain failing......oh! Wait a's the same just in a different format!!!

Nice one Good CO, I'm sure even the sticks in the mud will get used to it!!
Phew ! :shock: I thought I'd done something to the pc in the few nanoseconds I was off line.....

I will be more observant next time... !!

Mmm... I'm not so happy about the way things are spread out at the moment either, aprticularly on the RM theme, but it will take a while to settle. Where should it go?