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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Good_CO, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. The main image on the front page is drawn in rotation from the Image Gallery (Rum Ration, Front Page album) - a chance for eternal glory for your photo collection.

    I would be very grateful for submissions for this, although there are restrictions which may put it beyond the ability or enthusiasm of some.

    Pics can be uploaded as normal, selecting the album I mentioned.

    Pics should be:

    468 x 260 pixels
    Good quality jpeg
    Suitable for the front page
    Not breach normal copyright laws

    At the moment the pics are anonymous, but I will add the poster's username shortly.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Bump! Photos please - there must be some keen photographers out there.
  3. When I try to upload a picture I don't get the option to upload to that gallery :?

    And NO it isn't a picture of a lady's bottom parts!
  4. My fault. Sorry! now sorted
  5. Ooh ta!
    Ladies bottom parts now inbound!

  6. Ok I just have to reinstall the gimp (if I can find it) :)
  7. Bump!

    Come on, someone out there must have a couple of good phots! After all the ball ache of the upgrade a bit of help with the images would be really gratefully received.
  8. GCO - How stringent are the restrictions on uploading? Most of my photos are 800 x 600 @ 150 dpi and would need re-sizing under your stated rules.
  9. Sorry but there is no flex on the image rules. Different size images will just muck up the front page and that is definitely not what we are after!
  10. Can you make this a sticky, so as that when I finally come to trying to upload some pictures I know where to look
  11. Not sure if its just me, but the front page I get is ALWAYS the KENT and it never rotates at all.
  12. Thats because it is the only phot in that gallery mate :)
  13. It's not just you - I posted this thread to ask for image submissions. So far there haven't been any that I can use unfortunately.
  14. I have uploaded a few for you.

    468x260 seems very small to me.
  15. Where's the instructions on how to upload, again?
  16. Select 'Rum Ration' > 'Photo Gallery' at the top of any page.
    Select 'Upload picture' from the menu across the top.
    In 'Albums', select 'Rum Ration > Front Page Images'.
    Use the 'Browse' feature to select an image to upload from your PC (make sure it's 468 x 260 pixels).
    Complete the 'Picture title' and 'Picture description' boxes.
    Click on 'Upload picture'.
    Await the COs' approval or otherwise.
  17. Just to let you know that I've just ok'd a load so we should start to see much more variation on the front page.
  18. Thanks, I'll download picasa and have a fiddle.
  19. Are you suggesting that we should give more room on the front page to the main image? I would have thought that more would be overkill and wouldn't leave much room for anything else. Quite a few ARRSE users complained that it was already too big.
  20. Thanks for taking the trouble to post these!

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