From the UK to Greece: Four matelots cycling 2400 miles for charity

On August 1st 2014 a team of three serving and one former member of the Royal Navy will embark on an epic 2400 mile cycle ride from Durham UK to the ancient Olympic ruins of The Archea Olympia in Greece. Setting off from Heel & Toe Children's Charity, the team will ride in excess of 100 miles a day for 3 weeks and climb a total of 115,000 feet. (That's nearly 4 Mount Everests!) We are H2O. (Heel and Toe to Olympia)

Over punishing Belgian cobbles, cresting colossal Alpine climbs, through stunning Tuscan backdrops and enduring the brutal temperatures of Greece in the summertime, this will undoubtedly prove to be the physical and mental challenge of a lifetime. It's going to hurt. A lot.

The purpose of this epic 'Grand Tour' is simple; we want to raise much needed funds and awareness for the exceptional Heel and Toe Children's Charity. We'll bury ourselves for this amazing cause. We hope you'll follow our journey and support us in our goals. Please like our pages, follow us on twitter, spread the word, donate, say hi, ANYTHING you can do to support us and our amazing chosen charity is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

H2O Cycling Team

All the money we raise goes to Heel & Toe Children's Charity who provide conductive education and physical therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy and other movement disorders.

Please donate if you can by following the link to our Justgiving page in our signature at the bottom of this post.

Thank you.


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Can't see anything on the mobile app H2O. Is there a link you can post?

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Everyone likes to see a matelot suffer, so follow our progress and laugh at us wrecking our arses across the continent.

Our chosen charity receives no government funding and relies on grants and fundraisers to exist. Money donated to them makes a HUGE difference to the lives of the children and their families so please, even if it's just £1 donate if you can. This is a small charity where your contribution makes a real, direct and visible difference to the centre and it's users. Home | Heel and Toe Charity
As pay day is fresh in the mind (and the bank account) if you could spare a couple of pounds for this exceptionally good cause, please, please donate. Physical challenges don't come much harder than this and it's surely worthy of a couple of quid. These matelots need your support, Heel & Toe Charity need your help.

We're very close to raising our first £1000. If anyone can spare a few pounds it would be hugely appreciated, that £1k landmark should help us push on with speed!

Thank you.

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