From the Daily Mail: How the RN forges links with the Merchant Navy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomcat24, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. Thought I recognised the name,was skipper of other crew on Vig when I was on there,it was a lifetime ago! I have heard of this sort of thing before,baby officers can do a similar thing under training

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  2. Typically nasty Daily Wail rant but still capable of doing tremendous damage to the RN's little-known working relationship with the Merchant Navy.

    This is a valuable scheme that enhances our operational capability at no expense to the taxpayer. A Royal Navy officer whose job involves laison with the Merchant Navy (it's a major part of what the RN does) is given the opportunity to meet them and see them at work. It's pot luck. He could just as easily have ended up on a reefer (refrigeration ship), container ship or tanker (although I doubt his wife would have gone along too).

    More information on the RN website: Merchant Navy Liaison Voyages

    Also see: Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping, including a NATO system which is very much developed and driven by the RN from Northwood.

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  3. I don't have any probs with him and his mrs having a jolly....just don't dress it up as if it's valuable to the understanding of cross asset cooperation. Same snout in the trough as when MP's go on fact finding missions to St Lucia.....

    I guess once you have been indoctrinated by BRNC you lose the ability to think for yourself and merely promote party lines.
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  4. The system is reciprocal and provides for the useful exchange of professional knowledge at the officer level. There are lighter moments, too. I'll never forget having the First Officer of a Cunard liner understudy me as OOW in a frigate. After I had spent 10 minutes taking over the ship from the offgoing OOW, he said:

    "Our turnovers are much simpler. I just say 'Two burning, two turning, both swimming pools empty, heading that way.'"
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  5. Characteristically misleading article from the Mail again. It's not paid for by the taxpayer and as he's taking up post at UKMTO, a famil with the Merchant Navy makes perfect sense.

    What's the problem?*

    *Other than that ****ing filthy, evil rag of a paper.
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  6. Again, it's depressing to read the bloody Comments section. Have we really become such a narrow minded, ignorant, peevish and mean spiried bunch of bastards? Makes you wonder sometimes what we've sweated blood and tears defending.


    This bloody grips;

    Ah yes, a man of the people. Anything to get a vote from yer average tabloid reader.
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  7. The article also mentions that he paid for he and his wife's flights to and from the ship. I believe it even mentions he took the 2 weeks as part of his leave!!
    Utter dirge of an article.
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  8. It's a shame that the ignorant Mr Jones doesn't seem to have availed himself of a 'free jolly' on board an operational warship or submarine as part of the Armed Force Parliamentary Scheme. However, with his attitude he'd probably regard it as a waste of his time and wouldn't bother using the opportunity to learn anything.
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  9. An actual story would have been to highlight the importance of the MN and maritime trade to the UK, both from an economic and security point of view.
    But I guess misleading cheap shot articles sell more papers...
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  10. For the majority of us who do apreciate the sacrifices forces people give for the rest of us.
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  11. And the Shadow Defence Minister is quick to jump on the issue and side with the Mail...sigh
  12. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Good old kevan. Having heard his personal excesses from when he was a minister, i am astounded at his hypocrisy
    This is a very genuine and vital liaison role which is being put at risk by idiots who have no idea about what they are doing.

  13. Same on the panel - 'All the balls are balls and all the bars are bars' though if our Wrecker (Ivan!) heard you handing over like that he'd go mental!!.
  14. There's another handover? My sig block was a standard doms report as well.
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  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It probably is a bit of a 'jolly', but:
    1) No taxpayer money involved.
    2) No conflict of interest. The cruise company paid because they thought dialogue between Commander Dunn and their crews would improve the latter's ability to do their jobs. Presumably, no naval secrets were disclosed.
    3) He did it in his own holiday in order to better understand his new job.
  16. He's been at it again in yet another muck-stirring Daily Wail story about the Forces. Someone is obviously pulling their chain:
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  17. Seems the more level headed have just picked up on this non-story and seen it for exactly what it is. Good on 'em!
  18. Flip. flap, electro-flop...
  19. Line, line, auto ;)
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