From fail to pass, amazing WS SM here I come

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BSBRN82, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. HAHAHA NO LONGER SEPTIC !!!:slow::slow::slow:
  2. Now awaiting dates for my medical, going in as a Warfare Specialist Tactical...
  3. BZ Hope you realise all your ambitions.
  4. Thank you, yes my AFCO was brilliant he gave me some dvd's to have a look at what SM life is like, cannot wait.
  5. BRBRN,

    Its always good news to hear of someone passing, but please could you clarify something?

    IIRC from your April posts you had said that you had failed the reasoning section of your RT, for ET ME. You have now announced that you have 'passed for WS SM', but I was under the the impression that an RT re-take is usually only allowed 12 months after a failure.

    I would assume that your previous RT score was insufficient for ET ME but acceptable enough for WS SM, and you have now opted for the latter.

    I do not wish to denigrate your new choice but I would be interested, as would some others, to know how you reached it after all those months.

  6. Good point, yes I failed for ETME and was not offered another position so I sent off a request under the protection act to view a copy of my results, once I viewed them I contacted a diffrent AFCO and told them my scores.

    From then I recieved a letter with a list of options that my current RT results allow, I spent a long time doing alot of research into the different careers and have decided to follow on and become a WS SM.

    So yes this post is alot different from my "previous", but im looking forward to the future now.

  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Thanks Dan..... BTW there is the new PRNC (4 day course now compulsory, as I'm sure you are aware) to be added to your signature block.

    When you are not too busy that is :wink:

  8. No problem... and yes I was aware of that should be a breeze, I am never too busy. :D
  9. What is this stuff doing in the Jokes Forum? I know that a lot of the jokes don't raise even a smile but this isn't even trying to be funny.
  10. Maybe it's a windup or the reason the OP didn't score high enough to go ME.
  11. LujonSA,

    The capital letters and the three 'mentally slow' smilies at Post #1 provide further clues.

    Add in the 'history' & youthful impetuosity to complete the fuzzy picture.

    BTW, have you any more Golph 'jokes' for us to ignore?:-|
  12. we need more special people on boats. my window was strawberry flavour.
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  13. Not since Marty Feldman died.

  14. Ah Marty F, (RIP)

    Now there's an avatar for sore eyes ...


    I feel sure that they cribbed 'google' from his facial expressions.


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