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From Cyprus to the UK


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So I finally get my tanned arse back in the UK for 9 days! However, the journey here was a nightmare!

My dad had booked my flight online, it did say in the T&C's that the credit card needed to be presented at the 'Cyprus Airways' rep desk. After explaining my situation, the customer service guy said he'd note on the account that the would not be necessary etc. That was 7 weeks ago, me being the panic craving lass I am, I called once a week for the 7 weeks just to make sure.

My taxi ride to the airport was hell, the guy headed off to limmasol rather than Larnaca, then blamed me for him getting it wrong, little sh*t! He then tried to charge me the whole taxi fare for his mistake. I told him where to stick it and gave him the fare that it should have been. I get to the Cyprus Airways help desk and ask for my ticket, the lady refused to give me the ticket, said I wasn't going to fly and that I should have found this out before hand. I asked her name and what do you know!! It was the same woman from before, the last 2 phone calls I had made and told me everything was good! 40 minutes before my flight, the issue was sorted, with a free upgrade to 1st class, return flight also and 1 free one way flight to the UK that I can use within the next year.

On board, I had settled down and getting ready for the 4hr trip, when I noticed the couple in front of me had disappeared. All of a sudden, there was the sound of groans coming from the toilet behind me, rattling then a hard thud, followed by a blood curdling scream. The door flung open and the guy fell out cupping his pride in fear for his life! HIs wife was wearing stilletos and some how had stabbed him in the 'prince albert' area with her heel's. Poor guy spent the whole flight curled up in ball.

Finally landing, I spent 1hr waiting for my luggage whilst having the load laughter of a drunk geordie lass and a very wierd Polish guy, I swear he is a closet gay! To prove this, I do not know any straight guy who can pin point a pair of last season's Minolo blahniks, unless he is a fashion student or Italian!

So all in all, a colourful journey for me!
I was also in UK for a couple of weeks a week ago, the weather was great for a change and it was nice to be back in Blighty (at least only for a short time). My god everything is sooooo expensive, taking the piss expensive. It also reminded me that Heathrow must be the second shitest airport in the civilised world behing charles de gaulle.
Not a bad flight back to Bangkok until the twot next to me blew chunks as we landed (in his bag luckily)...
I think we get quite nostalgic about Britain whilst overseas but after a week or so back at "home" it is nice to get away again especialy as it seems that the ~UK chav population seems to be rapidly expanding and mutating.
Rule Britannia
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