Frogman VC

Discussion in 'History' started by rickeee, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Help, does anyone have a copy of the book "Frogman V.C." written by the late Cdr Ian Fraser VC, would appreciate a loan of it please if possible.

    Cheers :?:
  2. I have a well-thumbed copy but I've been bitten too many times to let it out of my sight. Is there anything specific with which I can help?

    Alternatively, ask your local library to order it or see here, here, here and here among other places.
  3. Tut tut Navel Gazer, please peruse RR/Forum/History/Red Sailor, this book has been through some twenty plus hands since the start of the year, today I posted it on to Devenport 126 some 3 days after receiving it.
  4. Sorry Rickeee but the gaps on my shelves tell their own story. As a naval historian and archivist, my books are treasured tools of my trade, painstakingly acquired over several decades. You'd be surprised how often I have been let down, even by the most respectable of borrowers, so please don't take offence at my understandable caution. Once again, is there anything specific with which I can help?
  5. I have a copy signed Ian Fraser VC open to offers
  6. Is that you Tam?
  7. Dont know anyone with a name like that

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