A man is playing a round of golf. He is just about to hit the ball when a small voice tells him he is using the wrong club. He looks around and finds a small green frog. The frog explains that it has lived on the course many years and knows which is the best way to play the holes. The man takes the frogs advice and hits a hole in one. The frog accompanies the man and as a result of its advice he plays the best round of golf of his life.

The frog goes on to explain that it used to live in a casino and picked up a lot of knowledge about games of chance. That night with the frog hidden in his pocket the man goes to the casino. Thanks to the frogs advice the man wins a small fortune and instead of going home rents the penthouse apartment for the night.

The man runs a mixture of hot and cold water into the white marble hand basin. He tests the temperature with his elbow and satisfied carefully places the frog into the water. You will be nice and comfortable there he tells his frog friend.

The frog is upset and after reminding the man of all the good things it’s done for him it, wants to share the king size bed.

The man is grateful and thinks well it is a very big bed and a very small frog. I won't even know it's there.

The frog lies in the bed with the blanket pulled up to its chin. It turns it's wide eyes to the man and in a tiny trembling voice says. "This is a very BIG bed and I am such a tiny frog that I am feeling frightened. Please give me a goodnight kiss."

The man at first refuses but he is a very kind man and eventually leans over and brushes his lips across the frogs mouth.

There is a LOUD CRASH OF THUNDER AND A BRILLIANT FLASH OF LIGHTNING. Looking down the man sees the frog as changed into a beautiful naked 15 year old schoolgirl.

And that My Lord and members of the jury concludes the evidence for the defence.