Friggin hell we're worlds apart.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. I have just googled the scales of pay for senior rates in the RN.
    It has been bothering me for a while about the financial talk of certain members of this forum and now I understand.

    First let me say I in no way have an opinion to voice over the pay rates as far as if they are low/high for job value.
    Its just that I've heard comments like "I would buy this buy that " and I wondered if the people concerned were on a wind up or just needed a reality check.
    I find its the later.
    I have used the expression cocooned a few times on here and now I see I was not far from the mark.
    You see most people in the area I live in including myself believe that a salary of £20/25,000 per annum is quite a step up, as many thousands here abouts are on £14500/17500 and think it most average. Most bank employees are on £8.50 per hour £16500 unless senior positions.

    When I see sums of £40,000 odd being bantered about I realise I am naive.
    Paramedics are, in the west Mids, in the band 5 pay scale which ranges from circa £21000 to £27000 tops. No wonder when I thought I was well off and could not afford so and so, how could the forum members banter about things I stood agog over.
    So when they say a different navy, and how. When you next crow about council house squaller and should do this should do that, just remember us new age peasants, and we do actually work, but to very little reward.

    I would never venture to know much about the navy of today, but I fear some of you long servers know little about the world outside, and how fuckin cruel it is, you don't find out much whilst on leave even if you concerned yourself with it. I say this not with jealous intent, but with amazement as to how naive I am as to service matters. Hey ho the sun will no doubt rise just the same tomorrow...or not.
    If you leave with a trade and walk into top dollar, good luck to you, but please remember not everyone can be a chief, there has to be some of us Indians. Just don't spit on our heads. :) 8O
  2. That don't give me ease Sol, it just tells me I was born before my time.
    £27,000 for a L/H? I could retire after 10 years at that rate if I was in now.
    I don't suppose there's much call for the mess funds anymore.

    Still it would mean working again and I don't relish that idea, fine as is thanks. :roll: :D
  3. Get down to your local AFCO then Slim. Although I should warn you there's quite a waiting list to join ;)
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ironic that the definition of the 'rich' who stand to lose their child benefit now includes senior ratings.
  5. Cameron's words not mine. I have never in my life begrudged any person earning or owning anything.
    I might have looked on and wished it were me, but as well not instead of. :)
  6. Dont forget that ambulance staff also get up to 25% shift allowance as well.
    Its only what we deserve after all. :lol:
  7. Depends on where you live in surrey £20k pa means you struggle to make ends meet my rent is £675 a month plus £100 council tax and thats with the discount on top. Can't wait to start the navy and pay less than £200 for everything.
  8. Oh we all struggle here mate make no mistake, but there is fuck all you can do.
    We have an election and it's just the same old same old, and apart from wholesale demonstration we are stuck with it. The ones with secure jobs will just get richer, property speculators with a few spare bob are building house empires as we speak. The rich poor divide is opening like Jordan's legs, and the North south divide is growing bigger. What we need is a good old fashioned revolution, and put some honest men in power. The only problem is finding any.
    Cromwell Cromwell, wherefore art though...

    Homebase keep offering 15% off their products, the bastards want us to decorate before we're evicted. :D
  9. I agree with rum rat. I for one cannot believe I earn 30k plus per year for being a leading hand. I left school with two gcse's and now earn more than most managers and other senior postitions in civie world. Im not complaining as I love my wage as it allows my wife and I to be near the threshold of high tax earnings. But the the RN has helped me gain a lot of skills and qualifications. So I for one am very proud to be in the RN and count myself very lucky not to be living in the dog eat dog world as a civie.
  10. I must agree everything goes up except my pay for instance when I started this job. Petrol was 89p a litre whereas now it's more like £1.17 a litre. Bread was 80p now it's around £1.20 this is since 2009 8O
  11. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer


    I can't believe you EARN £25, never mind 25k. Obviously not performance related. :wink:
  12. I do not begrudge anyone currently serving their wage.You give up a great deal in terms of freedom to do as you please and family life is constantly disrupted.Added to which it is a relatively short career for most and the cold hard civilian world will not welcome you with open arms unless you are in possesion of very special talents and skills.
  13. You obviously don't know how much I work, when your not about.

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