Friends Reunited.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. I keep receiving emails from friends reunited telling me another old shipmate has posted in the forum. These alerts are supposed to inform me of people joining who post their service in ships compatible to my dates in them.
    I now think I must have dreamed that I served in some of the ships when I thought I did as there are people turning up with the same dates i have never heard of.
    There is a girl posted as having joined the Devonshire as a cook in 1972 or 73.
    I would have got,...sorry I mean remembered her.
    There were no women at sea in the Devonshire then, except the skippers wifes nurse/doctor who was a gold ring doctor who lived aboard from Pompey to Simonstown SA where the skippers wife died.
    That he married the doctor 6 weeks later in Cape Town is none of my business.

    Back to the thread, don't half these geezers know where they were and when.
    Cus there is a shit load on there that I did serve with in the right time frames, and one has been here quite recently, probably trying to steal my rum.
    Nice try Dan.:-D
    Rant finished switch to auto.
  2. I'm just amazed people want to be your friend, it's obvious they don't know you otherwise they wouldn't have asked. ;-P
  3. Re Friends Reunited, I went to an all girls' school and for the past couple of years some guy has been listed on there as having been one of the pupils!
  4. Lucky lad wasn't he!!!
  5. Ignore that, I've just been trying my luck, but it is paying dividends.:-D
  6. And look what bobbed up, a friggin nightmare on union street. CPOME or Freddy to his associates.:-D
  7. Forces re-united is total wank, I was informed that 2 blokes I served with on Fife wanted to get in touch, load of bollox, at least 10 blokes have been listed as serving with me on Forth from 63 to 66, I was still at school then.
  8. School? you went to school?
    See I knew you were holding back when I met you. You're rich ain't you?
    And that Peter 2 Badge Mango is Gentry. I knew you all sounded like staff, but didn't like to say.:-D
  9. Primary school picture in join the pictures thread.
  10. Sure it isn't your old janitor?
  11. you might be on to something there Rod.
  12. The word around the bazaars it that Black Rat is much sought after on 'Friends Untied'.:glasses9:
  13. I'm sure it has; now I know who has been sending round messages saying "I can't remember what our 6th form uniforms looked like, does anyone have any photos they can send me ..............." :-D
  14. Ohooooooooooo! school uniform pics....
    Well have you?
    Slobber slobber slobber
  15. Here's one just for you Rummers.

  16. Steve,

    I always thought that you preferred the 'Friend Rented' websites.................
  17. Am I the only person in the world that still maintains contact with my friends, and ignores those who were not my friends in the past, so why DFNL do they want to be 'friends' now?

    I have got bugger all to leave anyone when I pass over the bar, so what the fcuk do they want? Me to apologise to them for whatever, as that seems to be the done thing nowadays?

    So, if anyone reads this, who allegedly knows me from some time past, if you are not already my friend and we have not remained in contact ... then FECK OFF!

    Rant over.

    Cup of tea time!

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2011
  18. Same here i get email to say someone has just joined you will know when i look hes about ten years after me
  19. Strange that the only 'comrade' to still owe me money (£56 Squids from '90) has never ever once tried to make contact. disgust

    ............But there again he was not a Submariner.:eh:
  20. Jeez you look absolutely friggin rank in that rig Joe.:toothy3:
    The one of you in suspenders was much classier. But I wont tell.:winkrazz:

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