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Friends of the Forces Awards are Launched!


Hello all,

Did you know that today The Royal British Legion launched the Friends of the Forces Awards?

Supported by His Royal Highness Prince Harry, the Awards recognise the efforts of members of the public in supporting our serving men and women in the Armed Forces.

Entrants will be chosen from categories that recognise individual, young individual, community group and commercial organisation contributions. If you'd like to nominate someone special who always goes the extra mile, head on over to the Friends of the Forces website. Shortlisted winners will be invited to attend a Royal gala ceremony in London on 13th July!

Good luck all :eek:


Hi everyone,

I just wanted post a reminder that The Friends of the Forces Awards, a national scheme from the Legion that gives members of the public recognition for supporting our Armed Forces, are to be closed to entries on 21st April. That means that you have just 7 days to get your nominations in!

The Awards are supported by Prince Harry, and emphasise how important it is for civilians to get behind our serving men and women to let them know that they have our support and truly are appreciated. Harry has said, ‘The Friends of the Forces Awards recognise the extraordinary, and often sunsung, efforts of members of the public to help and support members of our Armed Forces and their families. For those serving in the British Armed Forces, the knowledge that others are thinking of them has a hugely positive effect that cannot be underestimated.’

Please do consider nominating someone who contributes to the wellbeing of our Armed Forces heroes!

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