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A new web site has been launched for all those who have served or have been onboard HMS Caroline since her commission in 1914! If you served or know anyone who has, please join and register. We want to hear from old shipmates, especially their dits! and hopefully some old photo's will be posted too. A lot of RN & RNR have crossed her brow over the years!

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[TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F5F5FF"]The launch of the 'Friends of HMS Caroline' website was a great success today onboard HMS Caroline despite the rain Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson and MLS Nigel Dodds attended and showed their support. *UTV interviewed most people involved and hopefully it'll be televised next week. *The Belfast Telegraph, News Letter & Irish News all had photographers & reporters onboard to record the event. We also had slots on BBC Radio Ulster Talkback & Frank Mitchell U105.

A big thanks to all involved BZ


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