Friends in High Places

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by AfterSSE, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Not only does Dubya think he is above the law, he can overturn a Judges decision to jail a friend of his...

    He respects the juries decision...what a joke..well I hope he respects the juries decision at his own trial... :threaten:

    Boggles the mind.....he must be in his very own world at this point, don't even think mummy can save him... ^_^;
  2. Bloody disgusting....the bastard should have been shot for endangering that CIA agents life. Just another example of the corruption of the judicial system for political reasons.
  3. Blimey, didn't see that one coming :pukel: . Bit like Nixon being forgiven by Ford. Libby will now write his autobiography and make a mint, like Ollie North...Republicans all. Still Clinton... Whitwater etc etc.
    :pukel: :toilet: :pukel:
  4. Separation of powers, justice, plain ol' "the right thing". None of these mean anything to the muppet in the White House. What a travesty. So obstruction of justice, much less endangerment of agents, means nothing in the current adminstrations' parlance. No reason why anyone on trial in the US shouldn't obstruct and obfuscate any investigation. Ridiculous.
  5. I guess Libby must know a lot of things that Bush would not want revealed...

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