Friendly Fire


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Ahhh 'MOD sorry for confusion' over Matty Hull?? If I remember rightly a few weeks ago they were licking the backs of the US over not showing video of incident? Apparantly MOD are going to back coroners 'more'?? The lasting irony is that Matty Hull's widow and his family have shown more courage, grace and dignity then the MOD or Pentagon combined!!


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No Andym, no prosecution action is going to be taken against the said sevicemen, as was said on the news this lunch-time. The family have also said they do not wish the Servicemen to be prosecuted.
Constitutional affairs minister Harriet Harman, who met with US diplomats in London ahead of the inquest, said she shared the "frustration" at their failure to send witnesses.

What is a constitutional affairs minister and do we really need one??? Where and when did that pop up!!!
Wholeheartedly agree with aussiepint's post. Mrs Hull as conducted herself with the utmost dignity during these proceedings I have nothing but admiration for her.


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I watched her last night and wondered why our elected representatives can't conduct themselves with the same dignity



I guess these pilots won't be coming on holiday to the UK any time soon......

All very sad and as I have said elsewhere, the one organisation which has come out of this showing it's true colours has been MoD - shameful.



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I have always wondered why it is called 'friendly fire' it is the same as 'happy slapping' and 'joy riding'. It isn't friendly to the poor bugger who is killed and the one who is slapped isn't happy and the person whose car it is isn't joyful!!
It is about time journalists learnt to use apropriate words!

By Vanessa Allen

LANCE Corporal Matty Hull is the latest in a long line of victims of US "friendly fire", including:

December 2006: Probe into whether Jonathan Wigley, 21, of Zulu Company 45 Commando, was killed by US plane during attack on Taliban in Afghanistan.

March 2005:US soldiers in Baghdad open fire on a car with freed Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena. Intelligence agent Nicola Calipari was killed and Giuliana wounded.

March 2003: ITN correspondent Terry Lloyd, 50, unlawfully killed by US forces after he is caught in US-Iraqi crossfire. His translator Hussein Osman and cameraman Fred Nerac also die.

April 2003: BBC reporter John Simpson sees his translator, Kamaran Muhamed, and 17 other men killed when US aircraft bomb a convoy near Mosul, Iraq.

April 2002: US fighter pilot mistakenly bombs Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, killing four troops. Major Harry Schmidt was found guilty of dereliction of duty.

April 1994: Nato delegation of 26, including two British army officers, die when their US helicopter shot down in Iraq by US fighters.

The Daily Mirror Saturday 17th March 2007